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“The One Relationship …”

They always say that the most important relationship you will have is the one with yourself. You know why? Because that specific relationship sets the tone of every other relationship you will have. So Let Me Ask You This: Are you consciously aware of… Read more ““The One Relationship …””



Quick Question: Are you one of the oldest of your parents’ kids? How does that feel? Do you feel like your parents were harder on you in comparison to your younger siblings? If the answer is yes, you’re definitely not alone! Like other older daughters (and siblings), I noticed the difference between how ‘strict‘ my… Read more ““Mercy.””

“Claim Your Power …”

You know how they say that the truth will always comes to light? Well it does! How we truly feel about ourselves will come to light as well … Growing up shy, I had many insecurities that I eventually overcame. Now that I reflect, I realized that I eventually learned to stand up for myself… Read more ““Claim Your Power …””


Oh Africa, sweet Africa. The continent from which the world evolved. The continent where most of the resources come from. The continent that is still being affected by colonization. 54 countries. Different cultures. Different religions. Different leaders. Some nations have better leaders than others. Unfortunately the leaders in many African countries are corrupt. Guinea hasn’t… Read more ““Africa.””


Warning: Being super transparent in this blog. Today’s open mindedness blog is about false positivity and emotions. As a blogger and as a person, there’s this weird connotation that you have it all together. Some people see me and think I got it all together but that is not the case– I don’t have it… Read more ““Emotions.””

“Who Are You Doing It For?”

Today’s blog is all about you 😉 Yes, you read that correctly King/Queen 🙂 So let’s cut to the chase … How do you define success? Success can have so many different definitions, maybe because it’s a subjective matter. Nevertheless, I do believe that most people associate success with happiness. Speaking of happiness, have you… Read more ““Who Are You Doing It For?””

“Suicide Prevention Month.”

September is suicide prevention month. Suicide is definitely a taboo topic in the African community but it’s a crisis that must be addressed. Humans can naturally be aggressive at times. Humans can also be naturally selfish. Selfish how? We think of ourselves before we think of others. Now it’s human nature and necessary to do… Read more ““Suicide Prevention Month.””

“Let’s Talk Legends.”

This past Friday, Chadwick Boseman passed away from colon cancer. The world was shocked and hurt. His story and death truly touched my heart- I’m sure I’m not alone. From the last two years, many comments have been made in regards to his weight loss. Some were jokes and some were genuine concerns. Regardless of… Read more ““Let’s Talk Legends.””


Audiobook: The following short story was written three years ago and it was inspired by Jamaica Kincaid’s brilliant short story called, “Girl.” Below is a photograph of the short story, “Girl,” by Jamaica Kincaid. This is how you’re going to keep cutting your hair so that you don’t resemble to a female, don’t ever grow… Read more ““Boy.””

“Colorism: Part Two.”

Audiobook: Every time I go to African stores, I constantly see skin-bleaching products. It honestly angers me to the core for so many reasons. Before I move on though … Let’s Define Colorism. “Colorism is the prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial… Read more ““Colorism: Part Two.””


Audiobook: Last week, I spoke about trauma and how trauma affects our daily behaviors and interactions with others. Now let’s talk about healing. Healing is a process. Not everyone goes through the healing process, however, many do. The healing process could take days, months, years. It honestly varies per person. What if I told you… Read more ““Healing.””

“Why Settle?”

Audiobook: As a blogger, it’s easy to get caught up with ‘what’s popular or trending.’ The same goes for social media influencers and other entrepreneurs. The truth is … your audience will come, so don’t settle for what you think is ‘trending.’ Stick with your values and work according to your values. If you compromise… Read more ““Why Settle?””

“Ramadan Reflections.”

Audiobook: Every year is the same. Ramadan always leaves as fast as it comes. Eid Mubarak to all my fellow Muslims across the globe! May Allah swt accept our fasts, prayers, and duas. Ameen. … For every Ramadan that passes, we never know which one will be our last … that’s what’s scary about it.… Read more ““Ramadan Reflections.””

“The Outbreak.”

Audiobook: The coronavirus started off as something continuously joked about. There’s been memes and unfair racist backlash to the Chinese community. Ever since the coronavirus has been in the United States – things are getting serious. Schools are shutting down and switching to online coursework. People are now being forced to work from home. Professional… Read more ““The Outbreak.””

“The Destructive Divide.”

Audiobook: On Thursday of last week, I asked the question: “Is There a Difference Between Black and African-American?” Most people said yes. To be born in a world as a black woman who knows her origin is an absolute privilege that Hadiatou does not take for granted. Although everyone should have the right of knowing… Read more ““The Destructive Divide.””

“Recipe to Success.”

Audiobook: Abraham Lincoln once said,“give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” If you’re seeking success, start by effectively preparing! Preparation is vital. It’s a must! But how can we prepare … if we lack time management skills? Some of us struggle to keep… Read more ““Recipe to Success.””

“The Taboo Topic.”

Audiobook: Time is so precious. Time is so precious because it’s something we can never get back. So why do we waste time? Time isn’t the “taboo topic” though. The taboo topic is something that is inevitable for all living things. The taboo topic is something that most living things are afraid of facing. The… Read more ““The Taboo Topic.””


Audiobook: I’d be lying if I said I never get lazy lol we all have our days. However, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t capable of stopping it. Remember, we do have choices. Laziness can sometimes be associated with procrastination. Procrastination is a result of bringing in excuses in order to delay the task (s).… Read more ““Laziness.””

“Thank You Instagram”

Scrolling down my timeline, I’d always see posts with captions saying: “deleting later.” I think you’ve seen this too! Or … you maybe done this yourself. If you really think about it though, DOES THAT CAPTION EVEN MAKE SENSE? Why would you post a picture just to delete it later? You obviously had to like… Read more ““Thank You Instagram””

“How Dare We …”

Call me crazy, but one of my biggest fears is becoming financially wealthy. Yes I said it. I’m afraid of being rich. Why? Because I’ve seen what money does to people. It makes people greedy. Greedy for what they don’t need, more so greedy for what they want, or should I say, “feel entitled to.”… Read more ““How Dare We …””

“Gossip is Detrimental”

For as long as I can remember, I was always observant. Because I was always observant, it led me to becoming shy. Here’s why … If you didn’t know already, I’m Fulani which is a West-African ethnic group. I truly do love my culture. But, based off what I’ve seen from my childhood years to… Read more ““Gossip is Detrimental””

“Let That Hurt Go!”

We’ve all been at a point in our lives were we’ve questioned, “why has this happened to me? What did I do to deserve this? “ I am a sole believer that Allah is the best of all planners and He tests those he loves. However, I recently overcame a dark time in my life… Read more ““Let That Hurt Go!””

“The Toxic Stigma Around Mental Health”

Psychology Today defines empathy as the experience of understanding another person’s thoughts, feelings, and condition from his or her point of view, rather than from one’s own. Lacking is a strong word used to emphasize unavailability and absence within various situations involving relationships, education, finances, and many more. Personally, growing up as an African-American female… Read more ““The Toxic Stigma Around Mental Health””

“My Name”

  When you’re young, it’s hard to realize why it matters to pronounce others’ names correctly, let alone learn it. Acknowledging the significance of names are beyond important. I’m pretty sure most of us have met multiple people with the same name, one may say, “traditional American names.” For example: John, Emily, Sarah, etc. Hadiatou… Read more ““My Name””

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