“The One Relationship …”

They always say that the most important relationship you will have is the one with yourself.

You know why?

Because that specific relationship sets the tone of every other relationship you will have.

So Let Me Ask You This:

Are you consciously aware of the relationship you have with yourself? Is it a good or bad relationship? Is there NO relationship?

They may seem like simple questions but we need to be able to answer these.

If we don’t have a good relationship with ourselves then …

How will we expect to get treated fairly?

How will we know our worth?

How will we know what to settle for and what not to settle for?

How will we expect the relationships we have with others to be solid?

If you don’t respect yourself, do you really expect others to respect you?

You can be insecure unconsciously due to the poor relationship you have with yourself! There are insecure behaviors that we can do unconsciously through social media, text messages, and how we allow people to treat us.

All of this happens due to one not having a good relationship with themselves, let alone understanding themselves!

Disclaimer: just because I’m a blogger, it doesn’t mean I have it all together! I’m actually struggling with understanding myself at the moment … I’m working on it but it’s not the easiest especially when life gets complex.

It took me a little while to realize that I am changing internally and that I need to do more self-evaluation.


Have you gotten to know yourself? We sometimes have to take several steps back and reflect.

Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself!

Journaling makes a world of a difference to me! Try taking notes in your phone or on paper to see how you truly feel!

I made a poll on my Instagram last week and I was shocked to find out how many people don’t acknowledge their feelings of uncertainty, emotions, and more. Again, if you don’t understand this within yourself, how could you expect someone else to?

If we aren’t ‘whole,’ how could we just hop into relationships? Or have healthy friendships? We cannot hold others responsible for our happiness and security- this can only come from ourselves. So commit to having a healthy relationship with yourself before anything else!

*This is lowkey why I don’t like describing my significant other as my “other half,” because I should be ‘whole’ without them.

Find yourself first. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Repeat.

Because at the end of the day, you will be with yourself forever.

The time to fix the most important relationship is NOW. Ain’t no time to waste. Because if there’s anything that 2020 taught us, is that tomorrow isn’t promised.

Take care Kings and Queens!


4 thoughts on ““The One Relationship …”

  1. Tho it’s very difficult to master your self but it’s one of the most important things one have to learn before anything else, …..


  2. Tho it’s very difficult to master your self but it’s one of the most important things one have to learn before anything else, …..


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