I just finished my semester and let me tell you- this has been the hardest semester ever! I know I’m not alone- college students were going through it. Honestly, with all that’s going on with the pandemic, who isn’t going through it?!

Not only has it been mentally draining but it’s been exhausting.

Just incase you haven’t applauded yourself, I’M APPLAUDING YOU! Be proud because you did the best you could whether you’re a student, employee, content creator, etc.

Because the pandemic and semester negatively affected me, I made a promise to myself that I’m going to be very selfish with the one month break I have and focus on me 🙂

When I say focus on me, I mean my new wants, needs, and goals! Reminder: it’s okay for your goals to change overtime!

Through this pandemic and rocky semester, I discovered that I need to detach myself from the world so that I can rekindle the most important relationship I could ever have … the one with MYSELF!


What does detachment mean to you? It can be anything you want it to be! How do you detach yourself from the world? When do you realize it’s ‘time’ for you to detach yourself from the world?

Within this year, I’ve changed a lot as far as my level of maturity, my mentality, and just understanding my vision. My outlook on life has changed.

It’s shocking to realize how much I’m becoming the woman I’ve always dreamt of being- it’s an amazing feeling.

Though this is an accomplishment, I’m not done yet- I’m nowhere near done lol.

I’m now analyzing and evaluating whether this is still the same woman that I want to be. What has changed? Why has it changed? I have to remain truthful to myself and I can’t ignore emotions.

What if what I previously envisioned isn’t what I want NOW because of how much change I’ve gone through this year?

^ This is why I’m reserving time for ME!

If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us all, it’s that tomorrow isn’t promised.

This might come off as a surprise but I honestly don’t like social media for the reason that I can waste SO much time on it.

The time I spend on social media could go towards me interacting with my family and friends or reading a book or reading the Quran or praying or exercising- I think you get it, the list goes on.

I prefer not to have social media. Life without social media is splendid for me because I’m 110% present. Maybe it’s just me, but detaching myself from social media is an escape.

I have to reevaluate my goals and focus on what I want for myself- I’m thinking of this journey as a “re-self discovery” 🙂 Yes, Alhamdulillah for growth, but there’s still more I need to learn about myself!

Continuously check in with yourself- your emotions, questions, and uncertainty mean something. This is necessary and should be taken seriously. Please take care ❤


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