Sometimes we unintentionally hurt ourselves.

How so?

We hurt ourselves is by choosing to hold onto grudges and refusing to forgive others.

When we hold onto grudges, we are emotionally unstable- you know what happens when we’re emotionally unstable right?

We make irrational decisions.

Although I was born into Islam, I still had to find Islam on my own. The same may apply to you for your religion.

P.S. just because you’re born into a religion, it doesn’t mean you’re an expert on it).

Throughout this journey of learning more about my religion, I realized that Islam emphasizes the importance of forgiveness as a believer.

According to Psychology Today, forgiveness is the release of resentment or anger.

This concept of forgiveness has sat with me for awhile now and it constantly makes me reflect and ask myself, “How often do I forgive others? Am I being petty? Is it worth it?”

Self-reflection is always necessary. I am responsible for me- so I need to consistently check myself. No questions.

Who am I though?

I’m a flawed human being who seeks forgiveness from Allah (Arabic Word for God).

If I’m seeking forgiveness from Allah, what nerve do I have holding onto grudges and not forgiving other people?

There is no benefit from holding onto grudges, you are truly hurting yourself when you choose to hold onto them.

Could you imagine how a person is internally suffering by refusing to forgive someone?

When you choose to not forgive, your heart is infected and your emotional health will suffer.

Forgiveness is key for a healthy state of mental and emotional health.

FYI: You forgiving someone does NOT mean you have to give them ACCESS to you.

Self-Reflection Time:

1) What do you expect to gain from seeking revenge?

2) What do you gain from fueling yourself with anger because of a particular situation?

3) How can we expect other people to forgive us when we’re not forgiving of others?! That’s hypocritical.

Because of lack of forgiveness, families break apart, friendships are ruined, and more; all for what? Pride? Grudges?

Ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Here’s a Beneficial Lecture On Forgiving Others:

Forgive because you know you would want someone else to forgive you. Forgive because you know you would want your Lord to forgive you.

I’m not saying forgiveness is a simple 1,2,3 step! It takes strength to forgive.

Just think of all the benefits that come from forgiving others. You’re finally moving on.

Please learn to let go of grudges. Learn to forgive others. Why? Because we are all human. We are all imperfect. We all make mistakes. We are all capable of doing wrong. Allah is the Most-Forgiving and Most-Merciful, so how could we not forgive? We expect God to forgive us!


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