“Dear Women.”

Where would the world be without women? Allahumma barik! Women are amazing.

Cartoon Artist: Unknown
(I did NOT create the cartoon)


How do you think women are treated in general?

Is there misogyny displayed in your culture?

Misogyny is the expression of hatred and prejudice towards women (Google).

It’s definitely displayed in my culture but we’ll save that conversation for another day.

From the worldly perspective, women are often disrespected, undermined, misrepresented, unheard, stereotyped, and more!

It’s always been an issue.

With periods advancing- alhamduliah, issues have been resolving but we’re still not where we need to be!

Saturday November 7th, 2020 is a historical day for many reasons.

The reason I want to focus on is how the Vice-President Elect is a WOMAN!!!

FYI: All past Vice-Presidents were white and men.

This is a milestone, women in leadership … we love to see it!

Not only is Kamala Harris the first woman to be elected as Vice-President but she’s the first woman of COLOR! She is both Black and Indian.

Imagine how many of us women or little girls see ourselves through Kamala Harris?

To top it off, she is the daughter of immigrants! This is empowering for all women regardless of whether or not you are a person of color or if your parents aren’t immigrants.

Nevertheless, if you’re a woman period- November 7th is our day!

Key Points for My Women:


You are gold.

You are powerful.

You are a gem because you are unique.

#2 Your dreams can become your reality- SO DREAM BIG.

I cannot tell you how many doubters and haters you will have along the way, but you know what they say,if you got haters then you’re doing something right.”

Don’t let anyone feed your mind that your dreams aren’t “attainable.”

Don’t allow people to belittle your dreams, period.

I want to remind you that YOU CAN DO IT despite what the world may throw at you.

Think about how many obstacles Kamala Harris has gone through just to make it here! Keep going queen! We’re doing this for the future of women!

#3 Be proud.

Keep fighting because there is always hope and anything is possible in this land of opportunity.

Oh and by the way, let this be a lesson to never underestimate how much your voice matters and makes a difference.

Take care of yourselves ❤️.



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