These past couple of weeks, I’ve just been reflecting about everything going on in the world.

Religious rights are continuously being stripped away in France. In fact, hate crimes against Muslims have escalated.

A Muslim Holocaust is still taking place in China.

Africa is still bleeding.

COVID-19 cases are rising.

What else am I missing?

The world is not black and white but rather too complex to be simplified like that.

My point is, the reality of the injustices in this world can be emotionally and mentally overwhelming. With that being said …

🚨 Mental Health Check-In 🚨

How are YOU doing? Are YOU okay? Are YOU checking in with yourself?

I know it’s human of us to try and make sure everyone else is good while ignoring how we ourselves are doing 😦

As a Muslim, you’ve probably heard that “the worldly life is a prisoner for the believer.”

Well, as each day goes by, I realize that this makes more and more sense.

The world is designed to break your heart … and challenge you.

So how do YOU overcome this?

We all have our own individual sources that keep us “sane” in the midst of realities in the world. My source to sanity is Islam.

What’s yours and why?

My motto is, “I am Muslim before I am anything else.”

Honestly, with all that’s going on right now, it made me reflect on how WELL I’m advocating for myself and others at the same time.

PSA: taking care of yourself is necessary!

One of the ways I can advocate for myself is by going harder for my spirituality.

I recently purchased a Quran Journal that consists of hundreds of verses from the Quran that encourage you to reflect upon them.

I love it because it empowers me to build my understanding with the Quran through application, translation, etc. Knowledge is power. The more I learn, the more I fall in love with Islam.

Using this journal brings me hope and joy regardless of being in the midst of tough realities.

As these complexities appear in our lives, we change without even realizing it- that’s what I noticed about myself.

I challenge you to take the time to reflect.

Ask yourself (1) How can I advocate for myself? (2) In what aspects of my life can I improve on? (3) What are steps I can take to achieve this goal?

What worked for you before may not work for you now- and that’s okay! Change can be redirection that empowers you to boss up and have a growth-mindset mentality.

Allah plans and we plan. Sometimes our envisions for our future will not go as planned (great example is the pandemic).

Sometimes the things we thought we liked suddenly isn’t what we’re interested in anymore.

Sometimes what we thought mattered suddenly doesn’t matter anymore.

These changes are apart of life.



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