Oh Africa, sweet Africa.

The continent from which the world evolved.

The continent where most of the resources come from.

The continent that is still being affected by colonization.

54 countries. Different cultures. Different religions. Different leaders.

Some nations have better leaders than others.

Unfortunately the leaders in many African countries are corrupt.

These past couple of weeks have been extremely rough for Africa and its’ people; the news is often heartbreaking, heart-wrenching, and disappointing.

Guinea hasn’t had internet for DAYS because the government doesn’t want citizens exposing all the corruption happening within the land to the outside world.

Now how do you think that affects people? You know, the people who have family in those lands!?

It’s undeniably wrong but it’s also extremely frightening! Not being able to contact your loved ones and constantly wondering if they’re okay is not acceptable!

There’s so much corruption, so much wrongfulness, so much INJUSTICE to the citizens of these African nations. It’s infuriating.

Just when you think “it can’t get worse,” it gets worse.

Countless of innocent lives are being wrongfully taken because of the incompetence and greed for power among the “leaders” of these African nations.

The Guinean government and dictator Alpha Conde (I will not call him president) who illegally changed the constitution to run for a third term has become successful in dividing the nation.

Both are responsible for building the tension among the tribes in Guinea against each other, especially the Fulani and Mandingo tribe.

Some of you may remember my blog, “Fulani Vs. Mandingo; Who Cares,” that I published in March 2020. Well that blog is very relevant as far as what’s happening in Guinea today! Check it out below.

“Fulani vs. Mandingo; Who Cares?”

Audiobook: Before I start, there is a short video below that briefly explains what is currently happening in Guinea just incase if you’re unaware, check it out. Okay so let’s just cut to the chase. I am angry and disappointed. How is Guinea going to progress as a country when its own people are too… Read more ““Fulani vs. Mandingo; Who Cares?””


Prior to this week, I had a strong belief that this generation would be the ones to turn the ship around because we’re supposedly “woke.”

I thought we were better than our past generations. But just from all that’s happened in Guinea within the past two weeks, I realized that this generation has a longgggg way to go.

Everyone was showing their true colors on social media this past week and it made me realize one important problem- we are our own enemy.

The ethnocentric ideals and tribalism is VERY MUCH alive in our generation and it’s SCARY when imagining the fate of our nations since WE ARE THE FUTURE.

My question is, who are WE truly fighting with? Shouldn’t our common enemy be the dictator in Guinea and not each other?

Shouldn’t we be combating injustices the people of Guinea are facing? There are police attacking AND KILLING people in their VERY HOMES! There are police KILLING BABIES! There are police destroying businesses! THIS IS A FIGHT WE HAVE TO FIGHT TOGETHER- we are stronger in numbers.

If we can’t overcome these toxic and detrimental ideals that were constructed by colonists to DIVIDE US in the first place, how will the motherland EVER progress!?

Don’t you want a better Africa?

While we’re busy attacking each other because of the tribes we belong to, these dictators and corrupt governments are going about their business and fulfilling whatever is in their self-interest (s)- NOT THE CITIZENS! That’s what we need to be fighting against! Not each other.

We’re living in very scary times; the signs of the Hour just keep appearing more and more. May Allah swt guide us.

You know what triggers me? The LACK of news & media coverage for these countries in Africa that DESPERATELY need help!

I came across a video where American news reporters were addressing the crisis in Nigeria and one of the reporters said, “West African countries are not a priority.”

I thought to myself, HOW COME? It’s definitely a priority when it comes to attaining those resources BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, so why isn’t it a priority when human beings are losing their lives by exercising their rights?

Africa as a whole is going through a human rights crisis. Without Africa, the WORLD WOULD BE NOTHING. It’s 2020 and Africa is bleeding! How DARE we stay silent when Africa needs us?

Remember that if you’re silent during times of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor! Your silence speaks volume. I don’t care how many followers you have, your post will make a difference. You informing other people about what’s going on via your Instagram story or Tweet, makes a difference!

We must be empathetic! Just because you don’t have any family in Nigeria, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care to spread awareness. These are human beings! In Islam, we are taught to want for our brothers and sisters what we want for ourselves.

Never underestimate the power of your voice.

Go to those protests, pour your heart out on social media, and don’t be afraid to stand up to media outlets/companies who are contributing to the oppression of people!

Please for the sake of humanity, do whatever you believe will help combat injustices (as long as it’s peaceful).

2 thoughts on ““Africa.”

  1. This was a very good post! Unfortunately, I only heard about the Congo conflict a few weeks ago and still need to do a lot of research on the topic. Also, I’d like to state that you should always try and stick to African news sources for your news about the continent.

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