“Who Are You Doing It For?”

Today’s blog is all about you 😉

Yes, you read that correctly King/Queen 🙂

So let’s cut to the chase …

How do you define success?

Success can have so many different definitions, maybe because it’s a subjective matter.

Nevertheless, I do believe that most people associate success with happiness.

Speaking of happiness, have you ever asked yourself, “What do I truly want for me?”

This my friends, is where self-discovery comes into play.

You have to know yourself well enough to understand what you truly want.

The key word here is YOU.

Not your parents, not your siblings, not your friends, just you.

Observe how you feel about certain topics. Observe what brings you down. Observe what makes you smile.

Self-discovery is all about understanding who you are and what you want for yourself without the interference of others pushing their ideals onto you.

I know that the children of African immigrants struggle greatly with this because of their parents.

For example, many African parents force college education (especially health related) upon their children. Although they mean well, some parents struggle to understand the child’s perspective on that decision.

Believe me- it’s not an understatement that “college isn’t for everyone.”

College is hard. College is not just about going to school. College requires excessive energy, time, committment, and money.

Imagine being FORCED to pursue an education YOU don’t want and that’s putting you in debt. That is not a joke- this is someone’s life we’re talking about!

Who wants to hate going to work on a daily? I know I wouldn’t!

Disclaimer: I am not discrediting the value of a college education, I’m just making a point.

This example is exactly why we need to make it a priority to identify what matters most to us and how the decisions we are making will make us either happy or disappointed long term! It matters!!!

I’m about to shake the table with this one because some people might not want to hear this but I have to say it.

In this generation, there’s a pattern of chasing what’s popular and trendy- specifically, entrepreneurship.

Like going to college, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. I’m not saying that anyone isn’t capable, but it’s about whether or not you’re doing it for the right reasons. Do you genuinely have a feel for it OR are you doing it because everyone else?

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Do I genuinely enjoy what I do in my life?

Am I Happy With the Choices I’ve Made? If not, why am I not happy?

What is a form of recreation that I enjoy? How could I make that form of recreation meaningful in my own life?

How do I see this decision affecting my life in the next year? Will it be an asset to my life or just another liability?

These honestly are questions I’ve always asked myself and STILL DO! Life is too short to be living a life you HATE! Like who wants that for themselves?

I don’t blog because it’s popular or trendy, I blog because I love to write and I know that someone out there can relate or benefit from what I share. With other aspects of my life, I constantly evaluate why and what influences the decisions I make.

It’s honestly a disservice to you to chase someone else’s dream and completley disregard your own. You are your own person. You are an individual with autonomy who seeks unique pursuits. Don’t allow anyone to live through you.

It’s time for us to be real with ourselves! Life is too short for regrets Kings and Queens.


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