Gratitude is described as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness (Google).”

You know what my greatest treasure is?


Alhamdulillah for Islam.

Without Islam, I am nothing.

What’s your greatest treasure and why?

I was born into Islam but I don’t think my journey of finding the religion started until a bit later.

There’s this saying that, “you can be born into Islam and still have to find the religion.” That’s so true!

Do you feel the same way? Because I know I do.

Just because I was born Muslim, it doesn’t mean that I’m any better of a Muslim than someone who recently converted to Islam. Though, being born Muslim is without a doubt my greatest blessing in this life.

I’m grateful to be Muslim for so many reasons but one of the main reasons is that Islam is a way of LIFE. My life revolves around Islam.

Everything I do in my life is based on my Islamic beliefs. My character and mindset are both influenced by Islamic beliefs, teachings, and practices.

Islam brings peace and sanity into my life.

Islam is the reason why I affirm that I have all that I need. I don’t focus on everything I don’t have, but rather, I focus on all that Allah has given and blessed me with.

Thankful isn’t even the word.

We often don’t recognize how BLESSED we are. It’s a blessing to have clean water to drink. It’s a blessing to have a place to sleep. It’s a blessing to have clothes to wear. It’s a blessing to have parents who provide for you. The list of blessings is COUNTLESS.

How could I be ungrateful? Think about the people in Yemen who are starving on a daily … or the homeless people on the road you drive past as you rush home. Expressing gratification for these blessings is apart of the teachings of Islam.

Islam motivates me to be better everyday. Islam is the reason for my devotion to personal development. Islam encourages personal development!

Growth mindsets over here only 😉

I refuse to allow anything to come in between me and Islam, because Islam keeping me sane is NOT an understatement!

Once I started wearing the hijab (headcovering), my life changed drastically for the better. There was a spike in my spirituality which allowed me to become more confident, determined, and hopeful for what is to come.

Remember that hijab is not just about a cloth women wear on their heads; it’s also internalized.

The hijab has humbled me and made me empowered to NOT conform to societal expectations as well as learning to NOT settle for anything I don’t deserve.

Islam has taught me so much, more than I can list.

1. I learned from Islam that chasing happiness through Allah’s creation is toxic. Therefore, I don’t place any responsibility on anyone but myself to keep me happy.

2. Islam teaches me not to return negative energy. You want to give me attitude? Okay. Two wrongs don’t make a right so I’ll talk to you later.

3. Islam teaches me to hate the sin and not the person. This is critical because it helps one refrain from judging others. Who am I to judge? Who are you to judge? Let’s stay in our place and know our boundaries.

Where would I be without my religion?!

Islam is my daily affirmation that this life is a test. Islam gives me hope that with hardship I will find ease.

Islam is my life and I do not think I would nearly be the same person I am today if I were not a practicing Muslim.

Here’s a Question for You:

How has religion impacted your life? Comment down below!

2 thoughts on ““Gratitude.”

  1. My religion impacted my life by becoming silent even though I’m right especially when someone is reaching for an argument or say something disrespectful towards you, to just remain silent and let Allah deal the person in the dunya or the hear after.

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