“Suicide Prevention Month.”

September is suicide prevention month. Suicide is definitely a taboo topic in the African community but it’s a crisis that must be addressed.

Humans can naturally be aggressive at times. Humans can also be naturally selfish.

Selfish how?

We think of ourselves before we think of others. Now it’s human nature and necessary to do that in many circumstances but just hear me out …

We have unfair moments where we think only about ourselves (wants and needs), but push others’ wants, needs, and feelings to the curb.

It’s not right.

We’re quick to express our angers and frustrations towards others without considering how our actions would make the person feel.

Choosing to react before thinking things through can result in damage.

Read that again!

Imagine how many feelings would be spared if we took the initiative to think things through before we allow our emotions to control our forms of communication.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “Speak A Good Word or Remain Silent.” That’s important.

We will never know the full story about someone’s life.

We never know how much people are hurting; not everyone will show you the full picture.

So what can we do? Well, most of us definitely aren’t licensed therapists, but we can do the ‘little things,’ that make a huge difference like …

(1) Be Present & Listen to Understand

People want to be seen & heard. Not judged. Not lectured to. Just heard. Believe me, venting helps so much!

Checking in on friends, coworkers, and families can do so much for a person. People need you.

(2) Practice Being Non-Judgmental

If people decide to confine in you, they are trusting you with personal information!

Be there to listen and here them out- not to judge. There are times where people feel entitled to tell others about how they SHOULD feel. We do not have that right! We cannot tell people how they should feel about something that happened to THEM.

First of all, who are you? Who am I? Who do we think we are?!

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.

If you know that what you’re saying about someone, you can’t say it to their face, then you know you shouldn’t be saying it!

Gossiping is a form of bullying- that was never cool. Making fun of people was never cool. Being rude was never cute. Making fun of people was never cute. We need to do better.

This is a reminder to myself before anyone else.

Let’s challenge ourselves to be better! Let’s make efforts to be there for other people and refrain from judgement.

Just like how people don’t know about silent battles YOU are facing, we will not always know the silent battles other people are facing. Keep that in mind!

The Prophet SAW said, “A smile is a form of charity.” So smile (even if it’s under a mask haha 🙂

What are ways that we can advocate for others without crossing boundaries? Comment down below!

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