“What Matters.”

What matters most to you?

Is it your family? Is it your religion? Is it your spirituality? Is it your well-being? What is it!?

You know the famous quote, ” you’ll always find time for things that matter to you?” Well it’s true.

I started my semester two weeks ago and let me tell you … whew! It has been rocky! Let me be the first to say that I hate online classes so much! I really miss Pre-COVID times 😦

Anyways, I decided to take a class that is a bit different than the classes I normally take and are comfortable with.

Can you guess which class?

I’ll give you a hint- it consists of three letters 🙂

It’s art class!!

Let me tell you, I used to hate art because I thought it only had to do with skill but I was wrong.

Art is a form of therapy that has helped me destress whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed with school. I’m very happy that I made the decision to take during this restless semester.

As silly as it sounds, art revealed to me what I value most about life.

Prayer matters to me. Family matters to me. My well-being matters to me. My blog matters to me.

Why else would I be posting a new one every Sunday!?

Writing is one of my ways of escaping the hardships of life.

Life has endless hardships. Knowing what matters to you most will help you get through it though!

Everyone has something that they do that matters to them. Kind of like their ‘reward system.’ For some people it’s watching movies, sky-watching, mediating, or exercising.

Remember that whatever life throws at you, always make time for what matters most to you! Never neglect this because you matter and it matters to you for a reason. You deserve a life that you enjoy, so take the time to enjoy!

Acknowledging what matters to you and going through with it is a form of self care. Please take care of needs ❤


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