“Dear, Human …”


Life is a roller coaster. It has it’s up and downs.

As humans, it’s common for us to sit and wonder all about our life regrets.

But do we realize what that does to us mentally and physically? It shifts our focus on the past that we can NEVER change and distracts us from the present that we actually do have control of.

See the problem?

How do we benefit from dreading on the past? The only benefit from thinking about the past is learning from our mistakes. At least that’s all I can think of.

Constantly thinking about the past can get toxic because it can put one in distress and can ultimately kill one’s happiness.

You know the famous quote, “life is too short?” Well it is, so why are you hurting yourself human!?

I understand that life can get overwhelming.

I understand that life can get intense.

I understand that sometime’s we have random outbursts.

I definitely understand how you feel!

Whatever missed opportunity or plan you had in the past, wasn’t meant for you.

How many of us humans needed to hear this? I know I did!

Having the mindset of, “whatever is meant for me will reach me,” has helped me so much and stopped me from questioning why certain opportunities didn’t work out for me.

The point is, let’s stop dreading on, ‘what could’ve been,’ and learn to move on.

Hard work will always pay off someway somehow. Don’t let yourself down. Your time is coming (In Shaa Allah) 🤎

In the meantime, let’s make it our number one priority to always nurture ourselves.

Don’t punish yourself for not reaching goals, you always deserve to treat yourself regardless of the outcome!

When’s the last time you sat back and watched your favorite show?

When’s the last time you went to the gym?

When’s the last time you took a day off simply to fulfill what you value most!!


I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again- in life, there will literally always be something to do!

Never neglect self- care. Never neglect self-appreciation. Most importantly, never neglect to celebrate yourself human!

Regardless of the outcomes not coming out as planned, you will always deserve to be appreciated , celebrated, and loved ❤️

Hey Human,

Please take it easy. We are perfectly imperfect. As they say, we live and we learn.

Take care ❤


an imperfect human


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