“Colorism Part: One.”


Light-skinned, brown-skinned, dark-skinned.

Which one are you labeled as?

I was called both brown and dark skinned while growing up. I’m more so dark skinned now and I’m happy about it.

I grew up in a society that taught me that I’m not light enough to be considered beautiful. Embracing the melanin in my skin was seen as a taboo for some reason while growing up.

When I was younger, I was insecure about the way I looked. I grew up feeling ugly because of my dark skin. I didn’t think I was cute. I didn’t think I was pretty. I definitely didn’t think I was beautiful. All because of the rich melanin in my skin.

Should I be ashamed?

A question that I asked myself is, “what taught me to hate my dark skin?” Why has society taught us to hate dark skin for so long? I know I’m not the only one who has went through this phase throughout their childhood …

Dark-skin was and still is low-key bashed. How many other black girls or guys felt the same way that I did?

I remember the times where people constantly made jokes about dark skinned people, bullied dark-skinned people, and called them ugly simply because Allah created them with rich melanin skin.

What’s crazy is that the insults and bullying would mostly come from the black community. It’s so cruel and literally is the representation of ‘throwing your own race under the bus.’

Do you realize how sad that is?

Dark skin was shamed and still is shamed for what? Because it’s farther away from European beauty standards?! That’s not okay!!!

I find it heartbreaking and unfair that there are other black people who were or are in the same position that I was because of the negative influence of culture and society.

It shouldn’t be like this. Period.

I’m now a proud Black Muslimah who embraces her darkness and the richness in her skin. I love to get darker!! Summer Shade > Winter Shade :p

I love myself and love the way Allah created me. Please don’t ever think you’re not beautiful because of the shade of your skin!!! Embrace it. It’s what makes you YOU!! Be proud beloved.

Thankfully, there is much more representation and addressing the issue of Colorism now than before! However, there’s still much more work we have to get done as a society. Remember it all starts with us!

Next week’s open-mindedness blog will be touching on the breakdown of what colorism is exactly, it’s specific impact on our society and people, what to say vs. what not to say, and more!

See you next week for, “Colorism Part: Two!” In Shaa Allah!

© awokenbyhadi


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