“Small-Minded vs. Open-Minded;Which One Are You?!”


Let’s be real, we all have our toxic traits.

We can be toxic towards the people we know, love, and even to ourselves.

The reality is, no one walking on this earth today is perfect. We are all flawed in someway, shape, or form.

However, there is something that makes us different. Our mindsets.

I say, there are two types of humans in the world. Small-minded and open-minded.

Small-minded people listen to respond, settle in their ways, and do not put in efforts to expand their way of thinking beyond their own.

Open-minded people listen to understand, think and look beyond their personal experiences, and strive to change for the better.

Do you see the difference?

This is why being open minded is extremely important and affects one’s personal development.

How many of us are stuck in the “my way or the highway” mindset? If you are, then stop it now.

This mindset will stunt your growth as a person. Do you want that?

Open-mindedness doesn’t mean you have to agree or conform, it’s actually pretty simple.

Here are 3 Easy Tips to Becoming Open-Minded:

1. Listen to Understand; Empathy is Crucial.

2. Recognize That Your Way Is Not the Only Way.

3. Remind Yourself That It’s Okay to Change Your Opinion After Being Presented With New Information!

Awoken By Hadi

Life becomes so much more easier and simplier when one makes the decision to be open minded.

Anyone can be open minded; it’s all about whether or not you’re willing to push for it.

Open-minded people receive more opportunities to learn, grow, and develop as a person. Why wouldn’t you want to be open-minded? Being small minded is a disservice to yourself.

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