Last week, I spoke about trauma and how trauma affects our daily behaviors and interactions with others.

Now let’s talk about healing.

Healing is a process.

Not everyone goes through the healing process, however, many do.

The healing process could take days, months, years. It honestly varies per person.

What if I told you that you could be apart of the healing process for others?

How so?

By talking to your friends! Ask them how they’re doing! Be there for them!

I always try to make sure that I reach out to my friends and check up on them, especially now. We are living in tough times!

Many people just need to vent. They need people who are going to listen. They need people who will hear their cries and concerns. Lending an open ear costs you nothing. People want to be heard!

You have no idea how helpful and relieving talking could be for the specific person especially while going through the healing process!

Just this past Thursday, I was talking to my mentor and the conversation was seriously relieving for the both of us! We both needed it.

I’m no psychologist but venting with the people you trust really helps. In the world of chaos, there will always be something that will have you upset or stressed.

Why not take the time to care for yourself through rejuvenation?

Did you know that you could vent to yourself? Here’s how:

Write to yourself (physically or digitally)! I do this all the time by plastering my emotions and stress on my notes app. You know what I do next?

I leave the note alone for a few hours and then wait until the end of my day to read it.

It’s extremely helpful and resourceful because by the time it’s the end of the day, my state of thinking is more precise and not clouded by my emotions.

That way I can truly sense and easily analyze where my source of pain or problem is coming from.

In addition to venting, I try to meditate DAILY. Mediation is not time consuming. You could meditate through breathing exercises. It makes a world of a difference during times of stress, emotional instability, and more! I’m telling you, you won’t regret making this a habit.

Healing is apart of self-care. Our minds and bodies deserve to heal from traumas and be nurtured.

I shared my favorite healing modalities, now it’s time for you to share yours!

Comment down below your favorite healing modality!

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