“Why Settle?”


As a blogger, it’s easy to get caught up with what’s popular or trending.’ The same goes for social media influencers and other entrepreneurs.

The truth is … your audience will come, so don’t settle for what you think is ‘trending.’

Stick with your values and work according to your values.

If you compromise your values, your content, merchandise, and work will no longer be authentic …

It won’t be you. That’s a problem.

Your content is unique.

Your thought process is unique.

The world needs YOUR uniqueness!!

I know it sounds cliche, but I’m a firm believer that everyone has something to bring to the table and that’s more than enough! But you have to believe that too.

6 Things You Should Stop Settling For - positively present

As a lifestyle blogger, my approach for blogging is very different compared to other bloggers.

For one, I chose to conceal my identity because I want my audience to be genuine and focus directly on the message of each blog. I do not want my audience to focus on what I look like, where I live, etc. The message is the bigger picture!

Plus, I record audiobooks for each blog because I believe it adds some spice to the message.

I started off like this and In Shaa Allah, I will continue like this! I refuse to settle for “what’s trending or popular.” I know that this unique way of blogging is contributing something positive to the world and its people!

Dear Reader and Listener,

Don’t compromise your vision. Don’t settle for what’s trendy. Don’t settle for something or someone just because it is easier.

Doing this will likely be a disservice to yourself. The treatment or offer you are receiving may not be what you deserve. Settle for the right reasons. Choose wisely.

Settling for what’s easy will negatively affect your work ethic habits and will follow you into relationships.

Awoken By Hadi

Trust me, settling is a habit you don’t want to develop.

You are someone special and deserve to be appreciated.

You deserve opportunities that will allow you to be your best self.


Just because there’s a pandemic among us, it doesn’t mean that we should settle. Instead, let’s make some modifications that’ll still suit our intended goals. Your vision can still be a reality (In Shaa Allah).

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