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Where It All Started.

When I think of the word ‘privilege,’ I automatically think of ‘White Privilege.’ Although white privilege very much exists (there’s no denying that) there’s something else.

Lately, I have been thinking about my own privilege as a First-Generation American. Heads up, it’s definitely not comparable to white privilege.

Anyway, as a Fulani woman who grew up in the cultural setting, this is what I noticed most when it comes to the relationship of black immigrants and African-Americans:

The Treatment.

I grew up witnessing black immigrants treating and speaking of African-Americans as if they are superior to them because of their journey of ‘Coming to America’.

There are so many stereotypes and ideologies that do nothing but tear us apart as a race. This mentality is toxic, wrong, and makes us enemies of each other.

Beware that I am not saying that ALL black immigrants have this mindset, but some actually do! This is an issue that is happening and I refuse to keep my mouth shut about it.

Although, I am Fulani, my face is still black. When they see me, they will always see black. They won’t see my ethnic group or my tribe. The same applies for all those who are apart of the black diaspora.

If it wasn’t for the Immigration Act of 1965 (and all that the African-Americans endured and fought for), many of our parents and grandparents would not have been able to make it here. This indicates that we wouldn’t be where we are today with all these blessed opportunities if it wasn’t for African-Americans.

My point is, we are one race and acting like it is long overdue!

This is still our fight.

“This is not the time to have biases that will further destruct our unity as one race. If your auntie, uncle, parent, friend, etc. is spreading prejudice ideals and stereotypes about African-Americans, respectively put them in check.”

Awoken By Hadi

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