“Looting In Our Communities.”


**I am not saying that black people are doing this to their own communities, it has been proven that white supremacists have dressed in black and broke into stores to make black people appear violent. **


Disclaimer: Hadiatou is not trying to tell you how you should feel! I just want everyone to evaluate the damages that have been done to our own communities and its people before we decide to participate in such acts.

Looting has been represented as a form of rioting during this time.

I have to say, as a black Muslim, I don’t support looting because it isn’t Islamically correct and people are getting carried away.

Carried away like how?

By destroying their own communities and hurting their own people.

What are we doing? What are we doing? I have to ask twice!

How are we fighting for justice by destroying our own communities?

A Night After Looting, Fordham Road Section Of Bronx Calm | News Break

Pictured above is a shop on Fordham Road in the Bronx of NYC which has been destroyed by looters. Fordham Road is full of businesses ran by people of color AKA minorities!

2 dead, 8 injured in Southwest Philadelphia crash | FOX 29 News ...

Another picture above shows a street somewhere in Southwest Philly where there was recently a car accident caused by riots that left several people injured and even a few dead.

That’s just two examples. The list goes on across the nation.

My point is, many of the shops destroyed and looted across the nation, are shops that are owned by POC (including blacks). Most importantly, where black people mostly shop.

For example, in Philadelphia, 52nd street was looted and destroyed.

How often do we see white people shopping on 52nd street? Not as much often as blacks huh?

So who are we truly hurting by destroying these stores on 52nd street and Fordham?

Ourselves. We’re just setting ourselves back.

It’s not fair that the hard-work of black entrepreneurs is now in shambles because of the inconsiderate acts of looting for one’s benefit.

These black entrepreneurs took years to prepare, save, and execute their plans.

Who knows how many specific years, let alone bloodshed and tears, it took for these black entrepreneurs to claw their ways up to success.

There is a viral video of a black entrepreneur who literally screams “I worked for this, what are you doing!?” I could see the rage and sadness in his face.

This is disappointing and confusing. Why are we pushing ourselves farther down?! What has gotten into us?!

Awoken By Hadi

Why in the world are we destroying our very OWN communities where our VERY own people worked extremely hard to build and sustain?!

It’s not right at all.

After we finish destroying OUR OWN communities, who do you think is going to come CLEAN that mess up? US!

Let’s stop hurting our own communities and people. In the world of chaos, we must be mindful of our actions and how it’ll affect others.

For those people looting for the purpose of their own benefits, please think twice. These protests are for seeking justice for our fallen brothers and sisters who have been wrongfully murdered.

Black Lives Matter.

America was built off the backs of our ancestors.

We are tired.

We are angry.

We demand justice now!

Dear Non-Black readers,

Don’t tell us how to feel. Don’t tell us how to handle our rage. You have no idea what it’s like to feel and be treated this way for 400+ years.

If you wish to empathize with how we feel, check out my previous blog, “We Are Tired- Enough is Enough!”

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