“We Are Tired- Enough is Enough!”


We are angry. We are sad. We are overwhelmed with frustration.

My life is in danger. My relatives’ lives are in danger. Every black person’s life is in danger.

How could I dare be silent about this?

The murder of George Floyd surfaced on social media rapidly. It is absolutely heartbreaking, shocking, and overwhelming to watch.

I am shocked that a human being who has taken an oath to protect ALL people, has failed to do so by doing the EXACT opposite of what they swore to do- PROTECTING ALL PEOPLE OF THE NATION.

It is frightening that a man can CLEARLY kill another man with no remorse and STILL no justice is served.

The video is traumatizing to watch.

It’s traumatizing because the officer is so calm while taking George Floyd’s life away even though Floyd did absolutely NOTHING wrong. This is infuriating. This is clear-cut murder.

Floyd literally pleaded for his life and exclaimed that he couldn’t breath.

Why are the people who are supposed to be protecting us actually killing us!!??

 I can't believe that this world is so cruel.


Just to add onto the anger, there is a viral video of Amy Cooper in Central Park who called the police on a black man and intentionally lied on his name.

Amy purposely emphasized to the officers that there is an African-American man who is “threatening” her and her dog’s lives.

Clearly from the video, we can see that she’s lying and INTENTIONALLY made her voice sound as if she’s in distress and actually being hurt.

Here’s the huge red flag for me …

Amy is WELL AWARE that this black man’s life could be endangered just from making that phone call- that is undeniable white privilege.

Amy basically acknowledged 
the power she has by
calling the police.

Amy knows the leverage
she has as a white
woman with the police
and used it to
her advantage.

Amy understands what
the interactions with
the police can lead
to for a black person.
Amy used the police
as a weapon.

I am not okay with this. We are not okay with this.

An attack on one is an attack on ALL!

I am frustrated and seriously fear for what the future holds beyond 2020. Black lives are being taken away unjustly and there isn’t fair ‘justice’ being served! All we want is to be treated equally.

Awoken By Hadi

What do you think is going to happen to the future of black generations if things keep going like this? Ponder on this question.



Many people bring up the excuse that the topic of ‘race’ makes them uncomfortable.

Listen- this issue affects ALL OF US! Not just the black community. I don’t care if you’re purple, yellow, white, whatever! You can try to empathize with the black community and understand where we are coming from.

Educating oneself is key. There is a picture below that can be a guide for empathizing during racial conversations.


Don’t you dare EVER say that you don’t “see” color. That’s basically implying that you don’t see my struggles. We must acknowledge the racial struggles in order to move forward.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”- Desmond Tutu

For the sake of humanity, do the right thing. Use your voice to stand for what’s right. This isn’t a matter of politics- this is ethics.

Awoken By Hadi

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6 thoughts on ““We Are Tired- Enough is Enough!”

  1. Brilliant post and I agree! We must continue this fight! I recently wrote a post on ‘How to be an antiracist’ by Dr Ibram X. Kendi. Do drop by! Would love to know your thoughts! 🙂

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  2. This is so well done -so proud of you for taking a stand in all your posts!! I love how you have audiobooks to go with your posts – that’s so cool I’ve never seen it before. Education is key 100%!!! That point about not seeing colour is so important!! Also that photo about changing heart then home is so trueee. Amazing amazing reminders!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Bay! I’m so happy you enjoyed and love my idea of the audiobooks 💗 your support is truly appreciated sis! Also, people learn ideas at home, so it all starts from there. Thank you again for taking the time to read my post and comment ❤️

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