“Enemies of Our Own Progress.”


I notice weird energy when it comes to being the person who starts doing something new or different within several communities. In the Fulani community, there’s so many taboos. Although there are many taboos, I’m proud that we’re the generation that’s breaking barriers and doing something new that our ancestors were too afraid to do.

Aside from that there’s a huge problem within our community. I’m just gonna say it.

We act like we don’t wanna see each other win.

It’s unfortunately a common norm for the people you know to not support you throughout your journey.

People like to spectate but not support. They wish to see how you do.

Once they see you succeeding and blowing up, then they wanna show fake love.

Here’s the thing, when someone is your friend, you should not have to ask them to repost and promote your business. I say “repost” and “promote” because it costs absolutely nothing to do that. I can understand not being able to purchase merchandise, but there’s no excuse for your friend to not repost and promote. They should be willing to do it for the sake of them being happy for you and WANTING to help you excel.

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One of the benefits of being anonymous is the fact that I can see who is watching all the time. There are people who are constantly watching my stories on my Instagram account but they refuse to follow or like my content. I know them but they don’t know it’s me. It’s pretty funny how common it is for people to just watch and see how far you go before they decide to support.

No hard feelings though. I’m just saying, it’s true when they say that your biggest supporters will be the strangers and that’s okay with me. It just exposes people for who they are- no problem! I don’t allow that to affect who I choose to support.

I want to end on the note that supporting someone will not stop you from being able to progress. Go out there and support other people!

Comment a business, clothing brand, influencer, blogger, etc. that you support! Let’s show these people love! My personal favorites are @mgbthegreat , @oued_collections, and @womenoflyn on Instagram. Support goes a long way yall ❤

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2 thoughts on ““Enemies of Our Own Progress.”

  1. I felt this! I completely agree with you! It’s nice to know and see who the real ones are though and it almost fills you with a different type of power because it enables you to overcome a little feeling of disappointment if that makes sense. That’s how I feel anyway but I’m glad I’m connecting more with people I don’t know and WordPress community! Loved ur post. Have an amazing day ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much! I definitely agree that there will be somewhat a disappointment from that! Nevertheless, we should always be grateful for those who support/engage with our businesses even if we don’t know them 💎 You have an amazing day ❤️

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