“Personality Matters.”


We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.

— Cicero, Philosopher
Favorite Quote

Personality is everything to me. I admire people who aren’t afraid to show how dope they are! It’s honestly what draws me towards people.

What ever happened to just being you? Not trying to be like another rapper, influencer, but just from trying to be yourself.

Your looks will fade away but that personality will certainly stay!

Some people are too uncomfortable to just be themselves because of the judgement of other people.

Well Hadiatou is going to tell you one thing about life. People will always find a reason to judge you, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve done or how hard you’ve tried to prove yourself.

With that being said …why are you killing yourself trying to be someone you’re not?

In my eyes, you’re originality is your biggest FLEX! Alhamduliah I realized that at a young age.

After people finish speaking to you, think about what impression you want to leave behind. Your personality is what makes you unique!

Personality matters and not even just for relationships or friendships, it impacts networking and opportunities.

Keep being you and allow your personality to shine through! Someone out there will see your value, worth, and assets whether that’s a partner, friendship, or business collaboration.

Whatever the case is, never compromise who you are for the sake of PEOPLE. There will always be someone hating or judging.

I myself have always been an outcast someway somehow because I would always allow my goofy side to show without feeling bad. For some reason, a lot of the people I grew up with made that seem wrong lol.

I grew up in the generation where people copy trends and go for what’s popular – that’s good for them, I’m not judging but that was never Hadiatou’s style. Best believe Hadiatou will be flexing her personality without hesitation so .. so should you!

As long as I am obeying my Creator. I’m good!

To my readers & listeners, please continue to do your part by becoming the best version of yourself. Your personality is your biggest flex!

What Type of Personality Attracts You?

For me, I’m attracted to personalities that are intellectual, open minded, goofy, and genuine.

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