“Fulani vs. Mandingo; Who Cares?”


Before I start, there is a short video below that briefly explains what is currently happening in Guinea just incase if you’re unaware, check it out.

Okay so let’s just cut to the chase.

I am angry and disappointed. How is Guinea going to progress as a country when its own people are too busy arguing about what ethnic group is at fault? Everyone is at fault.

The main issue in Guinea right now is that the president has unlawfully changed the constitution and has arbitrarily ran for a third term. This obviously resulted in protests which shouldn’t be surprising because Guinea’s government is supposed to be a democratic republic – but at this point, it’s just a dictatorship. Do you see why people are protesting?

I don’t care what ethnic group you’re from, carrying prejudice ideologies and passing them down to following generations is only enforcing hate that will negatively factor into Guinea’s progression as a nation.

Now I’m not here for politics, but I will hit you with the facts.

Some people are arguing that Fulanis are playing victim, but the reality is, the Fulani ethnic group has become a target.

Here’s some proof:

I’ve attached a screenshot below from an article by Media Foundation for West Africa. I’ve also attached the link if you’re interested in reading the article.

This screenshot includes the names of the people killed on Election Day last week. A common trend among all the victims is that their last names are FULANI last names. Now I’m not saying that no other ethnic group is dying but please do not sit there and say that Fulanis are playing victim when there is clear-cut evidence that they are being killed.

Ten People Reported Killed, Journalists Abused, Internet Disrupted as Guinea Holds Controversial Polls

Why are some of us choosing to ignore the facts?! Our emotions need to be put aside so we can think clearly, discuss respectively, and finally, understand each other’s perspectives. Not argue.

The Prophet (S.A.W) preached that it’s best to stay silent when angry. We get so heated and tense when discussing these issues that we can’t even communicate effectively. How sad is that? We all should be ashamed.

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We need to get it together! Why? Because Guinea is still a developing country that has bigger problems people.

  1. Health services are beyond inadequate.
  2. The education system is a wreck.
  3. There are limited job opportunities which puts the majority of citizens in poverty.

We should be ashamed of ourselves for continuously feuding against each other like we aren’t one nation.

We’re the generation that should be turning the ship around. Just because our ancestors enforced an “US vs. THEM” mindset, doesn’t mean that we have to continue. We need to be there for Guinea- Guinea needs us.

So are you going to challenge yourself by putting your pride aside or are you going to continue to blame an ethnic group? The choice is always yours but understand that whatever you decide, will help MAKE or BREAK your country. You are accountable.

Regardless of what ethnic group the president belongs to, WRONG is WRONG period. Please do not be the person who sits there, neglects to do research, ignores the facts, and allows their emotions to blind them. Let’s start by focusing on the FACTS and not associating it with our emotions.

Let’s not justify a wrong behavior just because of the ethnic group! Wrong is wrong regardless of who’s doing it.

Awoken By Hadi

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2 thoughts on ““Fulani vs. Mandingo; Who Cares?”

  1. Yo hadi you are really the s***! Reading this felt like a actual news report and i can feel the passion in the words. I’m so proud of your work and will suggest journalism or international news as a minor because you really have what it takes to keep people reading.

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