The transition from being able to go wherever whenever versus being confined to our homes has made it tough for me to keep up with everything.

Although it has been tough, I know that is not an excuse for me to slack off … or you. You and I shouldn’t give up on our goals. I know I sound cliche but it’s true.

We all came into 2020 anticipating a fresh start to a new decade … but … what we expected vs. what we got is complete opposites.

This quarantine has kept us all in limited spaces and mostly our homes.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been one to do my assignments and other business related things specifically outside of my home. Now that I must do it in my home, it’s lowkey driving me crazy and I know I am not alone. I know now that once we get through this (In Shaa Allah) I will not willingly work from home.

None of us would have anticipated the world being at this state today.

Some of us feel trapped and maybe even discouraged about the virus because we feel that reaching our goals will be harder or even impossible.

But here’s one thing you should remind yourself …

Always think about why you’ve started a journey or why you wish to start a journey. Then acknowledge all that you’ve sacrificed and worked for. Finally, tackle the issue head on- you got time.

One of the ways I’m taking advantage of this isolation is critiquing myself! I’m analyzing how I’m utilizing my time, if I’m planning accordingly, if I’m limiting distractions, or if I’m just being lazy.

Lying to yourself will only hinder your growth, it will not help you become the best version of you. Remember that you’re not degrading yourself by being REAL with yourself.

Critique yourself – again, there’s always room for improvement especially in this time of quarantine.

Helping yourself is a must. You’ve worked too hard to let yourself slack – let alone quit.

So what if everything isn’t going as planned; there are things in life you can control!

Take advantage of this time and tackle something you’ve been putting off! You have the time so treat yourself.

Let’s just be real, if you truly want it, you’ll go after it. No discussion.

So I want you to ask yourself …

(1) What are some ways that you can change for the better? (2) How are you going to move forward?

The answers are for you! Not me 😉

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