“The Outbreak.”


The coronavirus started off as something continuously joked about. There’s been memes and unfair racist backlash to the Chinese community.

Ever since the coronavirus has been in the United States – things are getting serious.

Schools are shutting down and switching to online coursework.

People are now being forced to work from home.

Professional sports are now cancelled.

Most disappointedly, people are fighting over toilet paper … toilet paper.

This is insane.

I didn’t pay much attention to the virus until it started rapidly spreading across the states.

Noticing how much this so called “little virus,” has impacted our communities, ways of thinking, and decision making is astonishing.

As a muslim, my initial reaction to the rapid spread of this virus is the promise of death. Like I’ve said before, death is the taboo topic that is inevitable. This virus felt like a reminder that we don’t have as much time as we think- and maybe some us need that. It hits hard when you actually start to believe it and act on it.

Speaking of acting on it …

What’s even more shocking is how precautions and measures that should’ve been taken prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, are just now being put into effect! Why now?

You should’ve been washing your hands constantly.

You should’ve been staying home when feeling ill.

You should’ve been practicing good habits in regards to your own health and the health of others.

Image result for coronavirus tips
Here are some tips to stay safe during this outbreak!

What Has the COVD-19 Outbreak Taught You?

One thing that this virus outbreak has done for us is remind us that we all need to be grateful for good health and always take precaution whether there’s an outbreak or not.

My university has switched to online classes. How has the virus outbreak affected you? Do you work from home now? Are your classes online?

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