“Evolution of the Fulani Girl.”


Evolution: the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form (Google).

Being cautious about how you present yourself is normal as a female simply for the sake of your safety. Let’s face it, this world is full of scary and intense situations.

We live in a society where women’s rights are constantly restrained, their needs are pushed to the curb, and they are constantly questioned on the validity of what they have to say.

As many other cultures, Fulani culture has taught me that to be a “well- behaved woman,” I must compromise some of my rights. I’ve been told all my life to just bite my tongue, forgive and forget, and just know my place as a female.

What does “knowing your place as a female,” mean in your culture?

Since I grew up with these customs, I was brainwashed into these ideologies until I started digging into my religious rights as a woman. Whew! I have a lot more rights than what Fulani culture has taught me.

Wearing hijab is what pushed me to start digging! Alhamdulillah x1000! I don’t know where I would be without my religion- Islam is what keeps me woke about my environment and actions.

How do you determine your rights? Is it through religion? Is it through culture? 
Is it through both?

Although I generally love Fulani culture, I hate when traditions or values that are being taught actually contradict Islam. If you haven’t noticed from my recent blogs, it’s religion over culture till the day I die. Hadiatou refuses to compromise her religion for anything.

Because I started doing my own Islamic research in understanding the rights of a woman, I analyzed the Fulani culture as a whole and easily pinpointed customs that are Islamically wrong.

Simply digging for answers changed my world for the better. Have you started digging yet?

Dear Queen,

Knowing your rights as a woman is critical. We live in a world where women are constantly mistreated, abused, and degraded. It is very easy to be victimized.

Stay woke about your rights in your faith and within your nation- your knowledge is your power.

Happy International Women’s Day! Keep Shining and Thriving Queens!

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