“To Be Black & Muslim …”


Let’s take a flashback to when you were seven years old.

Did you notice as much issues in our world back then like you do now?

Of course not!

When I was seven, I was first exposed to racism in the muslim community when I started Islamic school. Although I was young, I noticed how I was treated differently than the kids who were lighter than me.

I hated my skin because of this. To be treated as if you’re less than everyone else especially in a religious environment makes the pain run deep.

Alhamdulillah I don’t hate my skin anymore, but I still get treated differently by non-black muslims- and I know I’m not alone.

Nowadays, it’s common for me to say “assalamualaikum,” to another sister and receive no reply-just a facial expression that exclaims, “you can’t talk to me.” I’ve only experienced this with East Africans and Middle Eastern folks but that’s unacceptable. Islam does not teach this, our beloved Prophet (pbuh) did not teach this, so why are we as an community enforcing this?

Religion should always come first- not culture. The biases we carry from our cultures will only bring us down in our faith.

I know a lot of black muslims have experienced going to masjids where they don’t feel welcome. I’ve experienced uncomfortable stares and even other sisters distancing themselves away from me in prayer. It has happened and wallahi it’s discouraging for us as a community.

Black skin could be the reason why someone can’t marry whom they love. What gives anyone the right to view black muslims as any less of a muslim?

Image result for racism in islam

Race of course is apart of our identity but we are muslims before anything else! Biases held against other races will cloud your judgement – and that’s a loss that you’re taking! You could be missing out on a great friend! Think about how disappointed our beloved Prophet (pbuh) would be about us upholding these biases.

Black muslims make up 1/3 of the muslim population in America, but unfortunately, that does not limit the discrimination held against them.

All muslims- not just black- need to speak on this! We must be the change we wish to see in the world.

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