“Guard It.”


You ever heard of, “don’t overcommit.”

Hadiatou has that problem!

I’m the type of person that loves to knock everything out ASAP!

That results in me cramming and jampacking my days with goals that can sometimes be unrealistic and makes me neglect my free time.

Before I know it, I end up drained, irritated, and feeling like there’s not enough time in a day. But the whole time … I was doing it to myself. I wasn’t choosing myself over all these responsibilities.

So I asked myself two questions.

  1. What exactly do I do with my free time? As I reflected, I realized I spent an excessive amount of time on social media apps. Don’t get me wrong, some people enjoy it but just not me lol. I’m easily annoyed if I exceed over an hour a day, so it’s not healthy for me to utilize the socials during my free time.
  2. How could I valuably utilize my free time? I jotted down ideas and narrowed it down to four broad subjects: (1) Social interactions (meeting w/ friends, talking on the phone, watching movie) (2) Gym (3) Read Quran (4) Meditation (There’s many misconceptions about meditation. Believe it or not, mediation could be done within a moment! Check out this “One Moment Meditation,” video on Youtube to learn more :))

Your free time should consist of you doing something you love or value.

Your free time should be your BABY.

Hadiatou is truly evolving alhamdulillah. This week, I decided to use my free time to go to a black history month event at my university. I enjoyed myself and I met new people. As a commuter, it’s easy to feel like you’re obligated to just go to classes and then go to work or home. Taking opportunities to get involved made me feel better and efficient about my time use.

I’m proud to say that Hadiatou is finally learning to work by priorities and not by desires. Alhamdulillah. I’ve become comfortable with the realization that I may not be able to complete ALL DESIRED RESPONSIBILITIES in one day. As long as I’m fulfilling the responsibilities that MUST be done, then it’s okay. I’m learning to be kinder to myself.

We all need to recharge someway somehow. Always take the time to do so because it is necessary.

Acknowledge that there will always be SOMETHING to do! It’s a price of adulthood. Guard your free time and sleep. Humans need to recharge DAILY not just on “self-care day.”

Choose yourself.

Your free time is defined by your terms. You got this.

I can say that I definitely see a difference with how I feel about myself and the work I do.

I’m constantly setting realistic goals throughout the day by highlighting the priorities along with with their deadlines- that’s how I differentiate between what MUST get done by the end of the day and what would be nice to get done.

I hope this helps! Remember to be kind to yourself! Guard your free time and sleep with your LIFE! Whether or not you choose to do so will catch up to you in the long run.

Comment down below how you use your free time!

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