“The Taboo Topic.”


Time is so precious.

Time is so precious because it’s something we can never get back.

So why do we waste time?

Time isn’t the “taboo topic” though.

The taboo topic is something that is inevitable for all living things.

The taboo topic is something that most living things are afraid of facing.

The taboo topic is something that humans shrug off simply because we assume we have more time.


When I was younger, I used to avoid the topic of death because of how mysterious it is.

Death makes me shake. Death makes my heart uneasy. Death makes me uncomfortable. I know you might be feeling uncomfortable too now that I’ve mentioned it.

Focusing on my religion thankfully brought awareness to me about how I want to leave this world.

So I stopped ignoring death and embraced it.

On Earth, there’s this fantasy that we humans are immortal, so we live our lives like so. Humans assume that there’s always more time. Humans assume that they’re entitled to “more” time.

Time is privilege and privilege is opportunity. Your expiration date is closer and closer as each day passes. Live everyday as if it’s your last.

Last Sunday, Kobe Bryant’s death shocked the world.

It was sudden, unexpected, and tragic- but isn’t that death for you?

No human on earth can deny their fate of death regardless of the amount of fame, money, and plans they have!

Does that not scare you? I know it scares me!

We have to stop living like tomorrow is promised. We have to stop waiting for the perfect moment to start something.

Let’s take advantage of every second we have.

Death will come and find you when your time is up. Recognize it and learn to embrace it.

Emphasis on embracing it!!!

What are you doing with your life right now?

Are you living every day like it’s your last day on earth?

One thing that Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) said, is to pray every prayer as if it’s your last prayer.

Just from that reference, what does that tell you about life?

Notice how the world reacted to Kobe Bryant’s death.

The amount of impact his work and mission had on people globally says it all- he is legendary not only in the NBA, but worldwide.

To be remembered as someone with such honor is something we should all strive for.

Here are my two questions for you:

What will you leave behind?

How are you going to make the days count?

Your clock is ticking regardless of your circumstance.

There will come a day where you’ll perish.

Reality calls and embracing the inevitable fact that we will one day die is something we need to be open minded about.

If we refuse to acknowledge death, then we are likely to neglect the usage of our time.

I urge you to commit to a purpose and a mission. Determine how you want to be remembered by starting with your actions.

Don’t wait.

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