“Seasonal Depression.”


Seasonal Depression.

What is it?

Why is Hadiatou talking about it?

Because it’s that time of the year.

I was first introduced to seasonal depression by one of my friends. I noticed how my friend was acting moodier during the winter time but I didn’t then understand why.

I did a poll yesterday on Instagram and most of the voters didn’t actually know what seasonal depression is.

I expected that.

It’s that time of the year where everything is gloomy and the daylight hours are much shorter than the evening hours.

It’s that time of the year where a lot of us feel different but don’t really understand why.

Seasonal depression, also known as the “winter blues,” occurs at the same time each year. The general symptoms include fatigue, hopelessness, and social withdrawal.

I used to swear up and down that I love winter. I now realized this year that it’s false lol. There’s no snow, just cold air, and wind.

I feel like this is the first time I’ve actually been affected by seasonal depression. My motivation for school and other responsibilities have decreased (don’t get me wrong I still do it) but I seriously miss summer.

Lol as a hijabi, the heat can get annoying, but I’d rather have heat over this extreme winter.

The campus vibes also changed dramatically when you compare it to the beginning of the fall. It’s a lot less interactive and social now.

One of my professor’s mentioned how she takes Vitamin D during this time of the year because of her seasonal depression.

During the winter time, the daytime hours are much shorter in comparison to the evening hours. This implicates that we get less sun in the winter than we’d do in the summer.

It makes sense.

We need the sun. The sun gives us Vitamin D and Vitamin D enhances our mood.

The lack of sun has definitely affected me this year more than other years.

Some of the ways I try to help myself is by getting as much exposure as possible with the sunlight. This could be as simple as opening the blinds in whatever room I’m in or making sure my seat faces the sun in the classroom. The little things make a difference.

If you didn’t know what seasonal depression is before reading this blog, I hope you now know!

Many people suffer from this, so Hadiatou has to speak out.

Seasonal depression may not affect you, but it certainly is real. Let’s talk about it like how we talk about regular depression.

Comment if you knew what seasonal depression was before reading this blog! How do you feel about seasonal depression? Do you think you’ve been affected by it?

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2 thoughts on ““Seasonal Depression.”

  1. Hello Hadiatou! I just finished listening to this for the 2nd time today. Keep going girl! Speak out! I loved the blog and feel like I might have experienced seasonal depression myself like maybe 2 weeks prior to this blog.

    Best Regards, Isha Jallow


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Isha! I didn’t realize I never responded to this 😢 I’m sorry! Thank you so much for supporting, I’m so happy you enjoyed and could relate to it! Hope you’re doing well and staying safe ❤️


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