“New year, New you!”

FYI: This is the 25th Blog ( Last Blog of 2019!)


Let’s be real … we always see the same posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, EVERY YEAR. It’s mostly all about what everyone is bringing into the new year and what they’re leaving in the current year.

During this time of year in 2018, I was confused about who I was and what I wanted in life.

I had issues with acknowledging my emotions.

I knew I was good at concealing emotions when it comes to other people but I didn’t realize that I was doing it to myself as well. That’s insanely detrimental.

No wonder why I was having personal issues.

What if I told you that I did something super simple in order to understand who I am, what I wish to become, and why I wish to become it?

So, you know what I did?

I became completely honest and raw with myself … but that’s not all.

I wrote myself a letter.


A letter.

It wasn’t just any letter. It was a letter on everything that was bothering me about myself.

Before writing the letter, I had already knew what was bothering me. However, while writing this letter, I finally understood the why behind the why.

It was a relief because I figured out how to tackle it for years to come, not just for 2019.

After honestly reflecting on personal conflicts through my writing, I went onto writing about my goals for 2019.

P.S Blogging was surprisingly not on that list of goals lol but look where I am now.

So why is Hadiatou sharing this with you?

I don’t know if you realized but …

You have 2 days until 2020! That’s 48 hours.

I urge you to pick up that pen or open those notes from your phone and get it popping with those fingers.

You need to be honest with yourself about your emotions.

Now I do warn you, you are likely to feel a rush of emotions while doing this task.

However, the reward is immaculate. For whenever you feel unmotivated in 2020 (and beyond) you should read that letter you wrote to yourself.

I faithfully read my letter consistently throughout the year. It’s amazing how I accomplished beyond my intended goals. Alhamduliah!

Even if you don’t feel like 2019 was a “bad” year, you should always self-reflect because you can always do better! Ever heard of , “ there’s always room for improvement?”

There will always be a new year, but will you truly allow yourself to become a new you?

If I can do this so can you!! I challenge you to give yourself the raw truth and own it!

Understanding how we perceive ourselves is beyond important; we have to stick with ourselves for the rest of our lives, don’t you want to at least feel like you know yourself?

**Please remember that this is not only a new year but a new DECADE!!**

I’ll see you all in 2020 (; By the way, make sure you turn your post notifications on to stay notified about new content and announcements! Great things are coming in 2020 In Shaa Allah.

Comment one of your New Year goals .

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