“Make Social Media Valuable.”

Before Reading/Listening To The Blog:

Please note that I am only talking about opinionated posts NOT FACTUAL OR HATE POSTS.


To be able to see and hear is already a load of blessings right then and there. We get to see and hear whatever we wish.

We live in the day and age of social media, where we can see and hear almost anything.

The intention of social media is to entertain individuals in the best way possible.

There were times where I caught myself disagreeing to posts I seen on the socials. Then I realized something important. I realized that whatever I continued to view on social media (even though I dislike it), I was choosing to view it!!

I had to check myself first. Like woah there Hadiatou, why are you still choosing to watch the content like there’s no other options?

My dear friend, are you guilty of doing this too?

This is wasted energy. I’m sorry but it is.

We are in control of what we choose to see and listen to on social media. Point blank period. So why are you holding grudges against people for what they can post?

You don’t agree with what the person is saying?Instead of sharing your enraged opinion, just unfollow. You feel like they’re disturbing your peace? Mute or block them.

And you know what? You shouldn’t feel bad for doing either because you gotta do what you gotta do to make social media valuable to you.

To me personally, it’s a nussicance when people feel entitled to argue their opinions when not asked on social media.

It makes no sense. What’s the point of responding to my story because you disagree with what I think? You could just keep scrolling or unfollow. It’s literally oso simple.

The opinions of others regarding what you post on your personal page is not your concern. Because again, they are the ones CHOOSING to continue to view your content.

Social media is supposed to be fun! Let it be fun!

If you don’t like something, change it, it’s that simple.

You honestly can’t complain about social media because you have the power to change what you’re seeing and listening to.

For your own sake and energy, learn to use social media more intentionally for what aligns with your likes, wants, and needs.

Social media can be a happy place if you let it.

I don’t follow many people on my personal page but I know that if I see someone share something I don’t like, I just unfollow and keep it pushing with my day.

Why would I torture myself by purposely viewing content I know I don’t like?

The energy on social media is contagious. Therefore it could be beneficial or damaging to you; it’s honestly your business on how you decide to use it.

Social media should bring you joy. If it’s not then question yourself on who you’re following, what type of content you’re viewing, and what type of content you’re listening to.

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