“Quit Feeling Sorry For Yourself”


In the real world … nobody cares.

That’s one thing that college taught me.

Nobody cares about the amount of hours you put into a project or paper.

Nobody cares about the amount of sleep you lost.

At the end, all they care about is the end result.

I had to learn that the hard way!

I used to get in my feelings because I felt unacknowledged for all the work I put in towards studying for exams, writing papers, etc.

But then I asked myself, what exactly am I getting for sitting here and feeling sorry for myself? Being sad is not the look.

No one is going to sit there and hold your hand through the process! You have to force yourself to push yourself for yourself. What else are you doing if you’re not allowing yourself to move on?

You’re so busy feeling sorry for yourself that oppurtunities are passing by every second. Opportunities to feel better.

I understand that it sucks to not get the wanted results especially when you put the work in, but that’s reality for you.

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Your mindset is everything.

Yes, there may be times where you may not be acknowledged for all the work you put in, however, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t acknowledge it yourself.

Yes, nobody may care but you should. Are you forgetting that you put the work in?

We often deem that people not acknowledging all our hard work is failure, but it isn’t. It’s all about how we individually acknowledge our own work. Just because your efforts were unnoticed, it doesn’t make it unworthy.

Stop trashing your efforts and being hard on yourself simply because no one noticed.

You worked hard!

You owe it to yourself to keep going and not worry about the lack of acknowledgement you got.

I had a goal of getting all A’s this semester, but instead I got two B’s and the rest were A’s.

Do I feel bad for myself?


I wouldn’t dare be upset with myself because I know that I put the work in. I acknowledged that I worked at my best so the results of the grades couldn’t discourage me.

Neither should you; sitting there feeling sorry for yourself is doing nothing for you!

Be proud of what you’ve done and keep striving, you deserve it. Growth mindset never stops.

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