“Dig For It, Fight For It, Live for It”



To live means to understand what you’re here for.

To live is to pursue your purpose.

I seen this post on Instagram earlier this week and I think it could help us. It had a poster board that consists of several categories like educational, career , health, you name it! As soon as I saw the post, I automatically thought to myself, “wow, it’s amazing that just by simply filling this chart out with your goals, you are easily taking steps towards discovering your purpose.

Here’s the chart I’m referencing:

Are you ready to dig for your purpose!? Nobody ever said that we had to limit ourselves to only one specific purpose, we can have as many as we like!

Gathering the large variety of goals we each have will eventually shape us into the people we wish to become.

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Rule #1: Your aim to reach your purpose should never try to align with what’s popular. Popularity is not equivalent to value. We must understand that in order to remain true to ourselves as far as being able to identify who we wish to become and what we choose to live by.

This leads me to the most important message: fight for your purpose.

If I had listened to my friend who told me that, my aspirations of becoming a writer were “boring,” then you wouldn’t be here reading this blog now would ya 😉

The point is, regardless of what she had to say, I still chose to blog because I knew that it fills a void for me and fulfills one of my purposes.

This blog is perfect timing for my college students because the semester is coming to an end and our world doesn’t stop just because the semester is over! We need to take advantage of our breaks so we can set ourselves up for success all 2020 and beyond In Shaa Allah.

If you’re still trying to figure out your purpose(s) relax, IT’S OKAY! You don’t have to specify nor finalize anything right now. As long as you are trying, you are winning! Period. Don’t allow yourself to use the excuse of “not knowing your purpose” as the reasoning to why you’re not taking any steps forward. Time waits for no one and there is always something to do!

I want you to think about the following rhetorical questions…

Are you really living if you hate the job you’re going to every morning?

Are you really living if you’re allowing someone else to live through you?

Are you really living if you’re not fulfilling your own purpose?

This is why I exemplify that we should live our lives in such way that aligns to our purpose(s). We deserve to wake up everyday looking forward to our schedule. You know why?Because that’s important.

In Hadiatou’s eyes, to live means to carry on through life with the feeling of success just because you chose to explore and search for your true purpose. There’s beauty within that ❤


**If you truly want to fulfill your purpose(s) in the time frame you wish, I highly recommend creating this chart. Not only would it start you off but it’d constantly remind you about what you’re chasing after. I’m currently in the process of creating mine so we’re in this together y’all lol.**

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