“Thank You Instagram”

Scrolling down my timeline, I’d always see posts with captions saying: “deleting later.”

I think you’ve seen this too! Or … you maybe done this yourself.

If you really think about it though, DOES THAT CAPTION EVEN MAKE SENSE?

Why would you post a picture just to delete it later? You obviously had to like the picture before you even posted it.

So why would you want to delete it? Are you waiting to see the number of likes you’ll get and then see if it’s worth deleting?

I fear for this generation.

This generation seeks validation through likes and opinions. This habit is negatively affecting our authenticity, meaning who we truly are. Instagram’s new policy towards this “validation” is freeing us from the imprisonment of likes.

Overvaluing Instagram likes, (positive reinforcement) will influence what you chose to post and in a way, convince you to do what you truly don’t want to do, and that’s deleting the post.

Because you didn’t get enough likes on a picture that you deem to be aesthetically pleasing, you’re now going to delete it because the number of likes you got is the flag telling you whether you’re cute or if you’re preaching “the right things.”

We cannot compromise our authencity for some likes!

If you think you look good or speaking facts, keep the post up! As long as you’re not hurting anyone or spreading hate, then you’re good! Live your life while using social media with intention of fulfilling its true purpose … TO ENJOY.

So I just want to take the time to say thank you Instagram.

Thank you Instagram for removing likes of others away from the public eye.

Thank you Instagram for showing this generation that Instagram is not about the amount of likes you get.

Thank you Instagram for emphasizing that likes aren’t equivalent to “value” or should I say … self value.

Thank you Instagram for reminding us what social media is truly for.

Please post what you want and own it! You don’t need to seek validation through likes. Take advantage of Instagram and start using it more intentionally by following pages you love, liking what you love, all because YOU LOVE IT and not because it’s trendy.

I truly do hope that you become more raw with what you post because different people bring different things to the table. You are authentic and it’s time to lay that out on the platform of Instagram.

Comment what you think about Instagram removing the likes from the posts! Did it help or not?

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