“The Importance of Detox”

This week has been hard.

It’s that time in the semester where everything is due. I don’t feel like I’m getting any sleep. I literally have no motivation to type any more papers or do homework. The past couple of weeks has been the most exhausting. The semester has done a great job in draining my energy lol, I’m sure a lot of you can agree.

So you know what I decided to do about it?

I decided to help myself.


Through my unique way of detoxing.

Now, what do you think my unique way of detoxing is? I’ll tell you 😉

(1) I deleted all my social media so I could eliminate unnecessary distractions. (2) I focused on mediation (prayer) and prioritized reading Quran before and after prayer.

This worked for me.

But does that mean it’ll work for you? It might or might not. Not everyone who reads this blog is Muslim.

So that’s the reasoning as to why I specifically said, “unique.”

Is there only one way to detox? No! There’s plenty alhamdulillah.

But the question is, what’s your unique detox method? Have you found a way to cope with all the challenges that come with life?

Hadiatou refuses to allow the semester to defeat her; she’s going to finish off strong because she started off strong! (As should you!) My unique detox helps me and I’m sure that you finding your own unique detox will help you overcome your challenges in life whether it’s with school or work!

You might be thinking … ” I’ve tried everything, I don’t know how to start Hadi 😦 ” Wrong! You haven’t tried everything yet!

Here are some simple ways to detox and get yourself recollected:

  1. Intermittent fasting: eating for only a duration of 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours. This has helped me stay focused on fulfilling responsibilities and it put me in a better mood. You can drink water, black coffee (no sugar), and tea (no sugar), during the 16 hour period. There are plenty of apps for intermittent fasting in the app store. If you have medical conditions, I highly suggest speaking to your doctor first before trying it!
  2. Find what calms you! For me it’s doing makeup, listening to motivational videos, listening to sounds of nature, working out, or simply just going outside. For pure meditation, I recommend the app: Headspace.
  3. Delete All Social Media! Life without social media may make you feel out of the loop but recollecting yourself is worth it!
  4. Write it out! Some people like to write what’s bothering them in a journal because that way, they can visually figure out solutions to their challenges.

I know plenty of us struggle to figure out what’s the right way to detox for you; the key is to know yourself enough in order to be able to help yourself! Get up and start searching for your unique method.

Do not allow yourself to be defeated by life’s challenges. Find your unique way of detoxing and save yourself before it’s too late; we don’t want mental breakdowns!

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