“How Dare We …”

Call me crazy, but one of my biggest fears is becoming financially wealthy. Yes I said it. I’m afraid of being rich.


Because I’ve seen what money does to people.

It makes people greedy.

Greedy for what they don’t need, more so greedy for what they want, or should I say, “feel entitled to.”

Money is used to get what you want almost all the time, and getting what you want can overturn lives. I don’t want it overturning mine. With wealth, there’s a detrimental risk of forgetting to appreciate the little things in life and how much you’ve already been blessed with regardless of your faith.

We as a society feel entitled to everything and it can make us egocentric on so many levels. We’re always looking for more than what we have while we don’t even take a second to appreciate what has already been provided to us.

What do I mean by appreciate?

Well for my Muslims … we can start by doing the bare minimum of fulfilling obligatory prayers!

I know that a lot of Muslims struggle with completing the prayers on time or even at all! I’m not here to judge you, however, I am here as your sister to push you because I care about you!

With life comes responsibilities like school, work, and other things. But why have we choose to put those things (A.K.A excuses) first over worshipping Allah? Isn’t He the reason why you’re enrolled at a school and making money?

As a Muslim you should understand that Allah will test us with wealth and poverty to see if you will remember him in BOTH circumstances.

The challenge is will you? Will you always express your appreciation to Allah by at least fulfilling your obligatory prayers?

How dare we become too lazy to fulfill obligatory prayers?

All that you have is because of Him! The food you eat, the house you live in, and even bigger: THE REASON WHY YOU EVEN WOKE UP THIS MORNING!

Don’t you see? Allah is giving you opportunities to change your ways and come closer to Him. Allah is the Most-Forgiving and Most-Merciful, so repent and start a chain of better habits towards fulfilling prayers.

Even if you aren’t Muslim or associated with any faith, you still have so much to be thankful for, but why is it so hard for you to appreciate what you already have?

Here’s the answer:

We love to look at what we don’t have rather than what you do have. It doesn’t matter what religion you associate yourself with, this is a commonality among all groups of people.

Look at this photo below. What do you see?

Photographed by @hiiikeem on Instagram
* I do not own this photograph *

I see a man who is still expressing appreciation to his Creator even though he’s in one of the worst possible situations we can think of.

How beautiful is that? Mashallah, may Allah swt bless him and reward him in this life and the hereafter. Ameen.

The power of faith and gratefulness is indescribable! You always think you got it hard until you hear/ see someone else’s story. Hence, how I mentioned earlier that Allah will test you with poverty and wealth.

This photograph speaks volume. It’s all about what you appreciate.

We all have so much more than we think. Some of us are fortunate enough to have food to eat, places to stay, and alhamdulilah for the clothes on your back and shoes on your feet even if it’s not balenciagas.

We’ve got to detach ourselves from what society deems to be valuable in order to acknowledge the everyday blessings we have. Like I’ve said before, materialism is toxic people!!

The things that you have and could deem to be “little” could be “huge” in someone else’s eyes. Think about the man in the photograph, he’d love for a place to stay and food to eat. Although he doesn’t have those things, his faith is what’s keeping him going regardless of the circumstance of being homeless.

If he can express appreciation to his Creator then why can’t we?

Why are we so greedy for more when we don’t need more, we just want more!

Don’t we have the basic human needs?

Ask yourself these questions and really think about how it revolves around YOU! We have to keep an open mind about ourselves because we often aren’t as innocent as we think to be. We feel entitled to things that are taken for granted.

You don’t have to follow a specific religion in order to let go of greed and learn to appreciate. You could do it by refraining from complaining and fulfilling obligations you have (if you’re Muslim, you know what I’m talking about ).

Stop waiting for thanksgiving to come around before you start appreciating the little things.

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