“Focus On The Good”

On Monday this past week, the absolute unexpected happened to me.

**Just an FYI, I’m a commuter student and I spend my weekdays at the university until 8pm before I actually go back home.**

I was in the middle my break between my classes, so I decided to go to my car and just chill there. It was such a beautiful day considering how bad the weather has been lately. Once I got to my car, I noticed that my tire looked strange; I wasn’t sure what was wrong. I had to google pictures of flat tires just so I could confirm if it was actually flat or not. Lol, don’t judge me.

I drove my car from one parking lot to another and I noticed the noise the tire was making. I then went to the closest gas station with the intention to pump air into my tire and make it back in time for my 4pm class.

Let’s just say things did not go as planned …

As I start to pump the air into my tire, there was absolutely no difference in my tire. I looked around the tire and noticed a screw nail poked through the middle, that’s where all the fluid was coming out from in the beginning! I was in absolute disbelief; I thought the chances of this happening to me would be slim, but hey, you never know.

At this point, it was 3:45pm. As much as I value class attendance in college, I didn’t really have a choice to wait and get it fixed later. By the time I would have left school that day, it would have already been dark and way too risky to drive around with a flat tire. That’s what influenced my decision to handle the tire immediately.

It took me about ten minutes to go to the closest car shop by my school; it wasn’t far, it’s just in the city and they have many restrictions on where you can and can’t turn. By the time I got to the car shop, it was already 4pm.

I walk in, greet the worker, and ask how he’s doing. Then I told him that I need my tire closed up from the screw nail. He says that it’ll take about one to two hours; I ask him could he give me a minute to think about it.

Waiting for the car would mean that I’d have to miss my class and not waiting would mean that I’d have to walk to the university for 30 minutes to get to class, and 30 minutes to pick the car back up while making it in time for my 6pm class.

I had finally made my decision to just wait for the car, but once I went to the desk to speak to the worker, he was gone. There were people who came inside doing construction so there was a lot of noise. A few minutes later he called me to come outside and show him where the nail is located. Once I showed him where the nail is located, he said, “oh yeah, I can patch that up!” I asked him how much it costs because we didn’t get to discuss it in the office. He says, “about $40.”

Fifteen minutes later, he comes back out with my car, gives me the key, and says, “you have a good day.” I looked at him with a little confusion because he didn’t charge me, then he said again, “have a good day!”

At this time, I have 30 minutes left of my 4pm class so I made it (yay!). My professor was super understanding about what happened and I was able to catch up on what I missed.

Now you might be wondering, what does this have to do with focusing on the good? I’ll tell yah.

When I found out my tire was flat, I wasn’t upset. When I found out there was a screw nail in my tire, I wasn’t upset. When I found out I would have to wait one or two hours to get my car fixed, I wasn’t upset. When I found out there was a chance of me missing my 4pm, I wasn’t upset.

Even though, nothing went as planned, I wasn’t upset.

I remained in a state of calmness. I shocked myself because I usually stress about things not going according as planned. I realized now that truly trusting Allah saves you from that negative energy of stress and anger.

I wasn’t sitting there pissed at the world like, “ugh, why is this happening to me?!” If I had that attitude, I probably wouldn’t have greeted the worker and the worker probably wouldn’t have saved me $40.

I focused on the good of every aspect of what happened.

Notice how I found out my tire was flat during the DAY TIME and NOT while driving or at night! How lucky is that? Imagine if I was driving back home at 8pm on the highway and had to find out that way? That would have been much worse and dangerous! Alhamdulillah.

It could have all been so much worse. I was lucky enough to have encountered such a kind worker who was willing to help a college student out!

I didn’t know that I’d wake up and go through all of that, but it was worth the experience. Allah is showing me how much I’m growing as a person and mashallah I couldn’t be happier.

Are you one of those people who have a habit of seeing the bad in unplanned situations?

Reality is that things will forever go unplanned in our lives, we can’t control it all. However, we can control how we allow those unplanned situations to make us feel. Do you really want to let one part of your day affect how feel for the rest of the day? Life is too short! Focus on finding the good in every situation.

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