“Overcoming Self-Doubt”

There are days in our lives in which we’ll never forget. We remember all the little details like the weather, what we’re wearing, but most of all, how we felt. A lot of the times, the days that we remember most are because of how it has affected who we’ve become.

Let me take you back to a day I so vividly remember:

It was the spring of my freshman year of high school; it was just an ordinary day in my science class. Students were asking other students to nominate them for class officer positions by simply signing their names on a sheet. As I began signing the sheets, I thought about the idea of me being an officer for my class. At the moment, I knew that doing that would be a huge step out of my comfort zone considering that in this time of my life, I wasn’t confident with who I was. I got excited thinking about the possibility and I started telling my friend about my interest in running for office. Then one of my classmates overheard our conversation and said, “oh naw, you can’t be a class officer, you’re too quiet and you’re not out there like that.”

I didn’t respond … because I believed him. His words gave me affirmation that I was way over my head with trying to run for office. After all, how could a shy, quiet, and reserved girl take on such a leadership role?

He made me feel smaller than I had felt before. I had already convinced myself that I wasn’t fit for the position … but him saying those words to me clarified that I’m not the only one who looks at myself like this! I became discouraged so I didn’t run for any position that year.

Next year swung by and my friend and I decided to run together for class officer positions. Although I still had doubts about my capabilities, running with a friend made it less nerve wracking.

So guess what happened? Hadi won! I proved myself wrong as soon as I found out I’d been elected for Vice President. I was in office for the rest of my high school career.

Overcoming self-doubt helped me become assertive of knowing what I want and most importantly, who I am!

At my high school graduation, I had to write a speech and speak in front of thousands of people. The crazy thing is, I wasn’t even scared at all. That’s when I knew for sure, self-doubt didn’t have a place in my life anymore!

People will swear up and down that they know you better than you know yourself! Lol, how ironic is that? You know it’s true though! We’ve all been there.

I should’ve called that classmate out for being nosy and not minding his business lol, but I’m glad he said what he said. Every time I think about what he said to me, I think, “boy did I prove you wrong.” Alhamduliah for Allah allowing me to see my potential.

You’ve known yourself forever, so tell me again, why do you believe what others have to say about what you can or can’t do? Why are you allowing others to dictate your next move and shake you up? Don’t EVER give people that power! Ever!!!

How Can I Overcome Self-Doubts?

1) Protect Your Energy! Toxic commentary can feed into your mind … you have to be careful with how you intake them because what you start to think will eventually become your reality (yes it’s that powerful).

2) Listen to Motivational Videos/ Podcasts! I personally love listening to them from YouTube. I usually listen to them in the morning because it puts me in a positive mindset and my day is always smooth sailing from there. Try it, you won’t regret it!

3) Write It Out! I’m one to seriously over exaggerate the task that I’m trying to get done, so I physically write it out so I can get a visual understanding of what it literally is. I write out what I need to do and how I need to do it. This seems extra but it helps if you easily stress.

4) Reminders! You could download apps like “Daily Quote.” For me personally, I like to constantly remind myself that Allah is in control and He already has a plan for me that’s been written.

I hope these tips are helpful 🙂 I just want you to know that you are capable of so much more than you anticipate! Build the strength to tackle your fears and doubts! Of course there will be shortcomings but you’ll be fine! It’ll always result in self-growth and we love to grow as people 🥰

Comment the time you finally overcame that barrier of self-doubt! You should be proud!

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