“Be Wise About What You Display”

There was a girl that I once called my friend. I later came to realize that she wasn’t actually my friend. Why? Because whenever something good happened to me, she’d always find a way to add negative commentary.

I’m oblivious sometimes (one of my weaknesses), so it took my awhile to acknowledge how she constantly reacted in a negative way whenever I mentioned something good happening to me. For my own sake, I dropped her and I don’t regret it.

I’m sure a lot of us have had this experience with people who we thought were our friends.

Within these past 14 weeks of blogging, many people have questioned me on why I chose to be lowkey about who I am behind my writing.

Well it’s very simple. My one lesson about the “friend” (who actually wasn’t my friend), was enough for me to snap into reality.

Before the experience, I had previously believed this fairy tale that everyone is happy for you when you accomplish something. I know now that just because I would be happy for them, doesn’t mean that they’ll be happy for me.

Some people want you stuck in the same spot as them. Some people don’t want you to do better than them. Some people look at you as competition.

I personally believe that it’s possibly because they haven’t got to where they want to be yet.

All this energy could easily lead to the evil eye; someone could secretly envy you and wish for bad on you just because of what you give them access to know!

If I were to allow my identity to be known to the world, I’d be opening the gates of negativity, discouragement, and possibly even jealousy. Hadiatou wants no parts in that.

The evil eye is the reason why I choose to be lowkey about what I do in general, not just with being the face behind Awoken By Hadi. Because of my belief in the evil eye, I learned to protect myself more than I ever did before through carefully selecting who to speak to and the information I’d be giving them access to. I refrain from posting and telling people about my accomplishments because y’all don’t need to know all that lol.

People don’t realize it but it’s common for them to spill and post their business; then they have the nerve to get upset when other people have something to say about it. You can’t put your business on display and expect people to stay out of it; you invited them! Learn when to be silent. Nobody is making you share this information.

You are in control of what you’re allowing others to know about you through social media and everyday conversations. This is key to understanding the level of privacy you have and how you’re managing it.

Remember this quote for every time you choose to share your business. It helps me question myself about what I’m sharing and who I’m telling.

Am I saying that you shouldn’t post about what you do? NO! I am not telling you to do anything! I’m simply suggesting that you acknowledge the possible consequences that come from sharing accomplishments with people and on social media.

You choose what you display about yourself.

Not everyone is cut from the same cloth. One of the hardest pills to swallow is accepting the fact that not everyone is going to be happy about your successes. A lot of our friends could be enemies in disguise. Keep your eyes and ears open for strange actions and commentary.

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