“Stop Waiting for the Right Moment”

I remember being the girl named Hadiatou who used to make excuses. Hadiatou used to make excuses about why she was still waiting to pursue her goals.

When she was 15 years old, she had solid goals of becoming a makeup artist by her senior year of high school. She told herself that she needed to get the most expensive palettes before she could start. After she got the palettes, she ironically convinced herself that she needed to purchase a ring light before she could start doing makeup on other girls.

Do you think Hadiatou magically became a makeup artist by her senior year?

She didn’t.



Fear of judgement. Fear of lack of support. But mostly, fear of not being successful.

For awhile, she would make sure she practiced makeup at least once a week, regardless of not having the ring light, but not seeing the progress she wanted at the desired pace was frustrating her. Eventually she just gave up.

I realized that the road to success was a longer one than anticipated. Time didn’t wait for me … and it’s not going to wait for you!

Most of us get to a point in our lives where we discover what we’re passionate about. This could honestly be anything. Generally speaking, many want to pursue businesses or their own personal investment.

I’ve encountered teens who want to become Youtubers, motivational speakers, makeup artists, etc. Nowadays we see many young ones chasing after their dreams so shoutout to them! But this is for those who are struggling to pursue their passion or to continue to pursue it.

Rule #1: You don’t need it all to start! You may not have the most money, support, or everything you “need,” but you have to start. The clock is ticking and tomorrow is never promised. There are many well known businesses in 2019 who originally started out with nothing. Some had their big break their 5th year and some had it their 10th year. It all varies! There’s no way to tell unless you actually go through with it.

The right moment doesn’t exist.

There’s always going to be something in the way from you pursuing your dream regardless of your circumstances. You will always find a reason to not pursue your dreams because of fear. We have to let go of fear.

Acknowledge the fact that regardless of how much you’ve prepared, there is always a chance that something unplanned can erupt. But that’s okay! It’s normal! You just gotta dive right in.

But before you invest money and time, honestly ask yourself this: what’s my plan? Am I going to be consistent? Will I put work into this? Because if you’re not, then what’s the point? I’m not being mean, I’m just being as blunt as you need me to be; ain’t no sugar coating over here lol. Success does not fall into your hands easily.

Don’t be ignorant to the fact that the work you put into something will reflect the outcome of your results.

You have to WORK for what you want. They say that if you don’t work for what you want then you don’t want it badly enough!

Get into the gym NOW! Start that project NOW! Map the plan out NOW! Whatever you want for yourself, start it now.

Discipline yourself to be consistent; after all, your level of consistency will negatively or positively affect the results you’re craving. Everyone starts somewhere but the real challenge is the discipline of consistency.

I remember being nervous about my blog, but this time I didn’t allow fear to affect my decision to become a devoted blogger at this age. I made a promise to commit myself to blogging because it’s what I started, so I gotta finish. The marathon will continue regardless of the circumstances life throws at me. If I pushed this off like I did for becoming a makeup artist, you wouldn’t have been introduced to who I am or my purpose to provide insight from a lense of the world we often are too busy to notice.

If we keep waiting for the right moment, before we know it, it’ll be 5 years later and we’re in a whole different predicament and then we question ourselves on why we didn’t just pursue the dream immediately instead of dragging the time.

Comment your goal or passion! Tag businesses, nonprofits, and motivational speakers that have their passion keeping them going.

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