“Let That Hurt Go!”

We’ve all been at a point in our lives were we’ve questioned, “why has this happened to me? What did I do to deserve this?

I am a sole believer that Allah is the best of all planners and He tests those he loves.

However, I recently overcame a dark time in my life where I was emotionally unstable about who I am due to internal conflict because of past experiences along with what I’ve done to affect the outcome of these experiences.

It wasn’t until THIS year, when I realized that I allowed myself to let those experiences impact my mood, mental health, and most importantly: my present. Because of this, I wouldn’t notice what I should be grateful for; this easily led me to take things for granted.

Before I knew it, so much time had passed. With the time that had passed, there were many set goals I didn’t achieve within the time frame I wanted because of my distraction on dwelling in the past.

Of course we’ve all done things we’ve regret (we’re human). It’s okay to regret it, but the problem is, we dwell on that regret for a damaging amount of time that prevents us from being present in the present.

Dwelling on the past can literally strip your happiness from you. Don’t allow yourself to miss out on life changing opportunities because you’re too focused on what you cannot change. What has happened has already happened, you need to take the initiative to find out what is the meaning of this; what did you learn from this experience?

Are you going to allow that experience to lower your spirits? Are you going to allow that experience to affect your present relationships? Don’t you deserve to grow? Don’t you want to take advantage of the present since you actually have control?

Hate to break it to you, but that’s all you can do. Past can never be changed.

Sticking to the past will start a trend of intoxication within your brain and then it’ll eventually spread through your actions, reactions, and how you present yourself.

Here’s my challenge to you:

For every time you question, “why is this happening to me,” look at the experience and evaluate what you have learned. A lot of times, these lessons we learn from experiences will always help us whether it’s for jobs, interactions with associates, etc.

Do yourself the favor ❤️

Be open minded to the fact that you are not the only person to have bad experiences! We all go through challenges we cannot avoid. Remind yourself that the lessons are the pieces of the puzzle called life! You deserve happiness while living your life, allow yourself to do that by accepting the hurt of the past as lessons and go about your days.

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