“How You Manage Your Time, Will Either Reward You or Make You Suffer.”

We always say “we don’t have time,” for the things we have to do. But the truth is, we don’t make time for the things we need to do.

I’m not pointing fingers at you because I’m the same way.

Whenever it comes to homework assignments, studying, or getting chores done, it’s easy for me to put it aside and just say that I’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow eventually turns into next week and so on. I think you get the gist.

Procrastination kicked my butt this week.

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Being a college student already makes my life busy enough. I had two exams this past Friday and I definitely knew about them since I got the syllabus the first week of school.

The exams were in chemistry and statistics. Those are NOT subjects you can just “wing” or finesse lol. You have no choice but to practice.

Although I am doing well in both courses, I never get too cocky when it comes to exams because that’s too big of a risk to play with; I’m paying to take these courses, I can’t take no L’s.

I told myself last Friday (giving me exactly a week before exam day) that I would prepare how I would break down what exactly I’d be studying for both of my classes throughout the course of the week so I’d avoid cramming.

PSA: Cramming is not beneficial for you and it’s not a smart habit to develop.

I literally dodged preparing for that by finding distractions like cooking, Instagram, and cleaning. Once I went to school on Monday, I decided to “punish” myself by deleting all social media/ entertainments, as well as sacrificing my workout times.

Why would I set myself up like that?

I started studying on Monday. It was effective but I’m not proud of how I went about it because I knew I could have done better! I knew that if I had just sat down and broke down time frames for studying I wouldn’t have been so stressed and restrained from my social life throughout this week.

Good news … I found a solution 🙂

Here’s the habit that I developed to help me prioritize daily responsibilities while still maintaining a social life:

When I first wake up in the morning, I utilize the “Notes” feature on my IPhone to create my daily to-do list.

This starts my morning off right!

I organize my to do list through categories like “do before leaving home,” or “get done before 8pm” etc. By doing this, I break down what needs to be done before my day begins especially because I’m always on the move. It’s a helpful way to visually prioritize my daily activities. Plus It’s easier to write it in my phone since I always have access to it instead of grabbing a notepad and jotting it down.

Sidenote: make sure you set realistic tasks down for each day because there is a such thing as overworking yourself!

Here’s a sample of mine:

Edit image

The feeling of crossing something off that list feels amazing.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0928.jpg

Whenever I feel like I’m going to procrastinate (mostly with schoolwork), I put a timer on for 30 minutes to do an assignment and then I give myself a 10 minute break as soon as the timer goes off. I repeat the cycle for as long needed. This method is extremely effective when it comes to studying and getting work done! The 30 minutes should consist of nothing but productivity and the 10 minutes is for you to rejuvenate and recharge yourself.

Your phone can be a great resource!! Take advantage of the features!

Taking advantage of any breaks you have in between classes has an impact. I have gotten into the habit of working on assignments during the breaks I have in between classes. I don’t know about you but I truly despise doing homework at home. Therefore, I do my school work in school so that when I’m home, I relax and at the most, just study.

Another effective habit that I developed is to arrive to school early. I try to arrive at least two hours before my first class begins so during the course of that time, I can do homework, fill in gaps from my notes, and most importantly, review my notes. I love to review my notes in the morning because my brain is better at retaining information in the morning so everything I’m reviewing will stick.

I hope my methods can seriously benefit how you utilize your time especially for my people who get stressed out easily like me!

Comment methods you use to avoid procrastination and wasting time!

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