“Never Stop Being Yourself Because of Social Media”

We all know that one person who’s been through hell and back … but you would never know it. Their character gives you such positive vibes that you’d never suspect any downfalls from their life.

Could you be that person to someone else? The answer is yes!

Let’s face it, we all have a story, and in that story, we all have experienced hardship whether we choose to make it visible to the world or not.

I went from being a genuine sweetheart to an aggressive teenager once social media came into my life; it negatively shifted my mindset as a young woman.

Social media taught me to change myself; I avoided being kind because it gave me the impression that it’s the reason why I’m hurt by others.

Image result for toxic social media image

Unfortunately the negative mindset followed me up until I started wearing hijab; hijab helped me notice my reckless mindset and how social media ruined my character to the point where I didn’t even recognize who I was anymore.

Has this happened to you? Have you felt the need to change because of social media influences?

One of the biggest issues that this generation is facing is the need to belong. Social media is obviously a huge platform that almost everyone utilizes. It has its pros and cons. This generation utilizes social media to sometimes determine how to adjust their characters so that they can finally “belong.”

Social media has affected the way individuals go about friendships, relationships, and how they present themselves. This generation loves to claim that we’re “cold-hearted,” how we “don’t care,” or how every man or woman is a cheater.

See how social media has driven this generations’ perceptions?

Social media easily can misguide us from being authentic. We have to stop; our way of thinking has been clouded.

We cannot let ourselves lose our authenticity because of social media trends on the “do’s and don’ts.”

Be you, Do you, For you. Period!

Someone could be admiring you about your character right now and you don’t know it. Don’t change your character because of social media trends, you are enough!

Yes it can hurt to be different. Yes it’s hard to be different. But always remember that you are stronger than you know. I support you 🙂

Comment a social media trend that you believe is toxic to our characters!

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