“Here’s the Issue …”

I am my biggest enemy.

I often fail to recognize my accomplishments because I’m greedy towards the want to always attain more progress than what I already have. Some may call this self-actualization.

The start of this semester had a rocky start of overwhelment. I became so overwhelmed that I questioned my ability to continue my weekly Sunday blogs during the semester.

This week was obviously not my “typical” week.

I didn’t make time to consider what “self-discovery” blog I’d publish today. After having a conversation with a friend, my mind sparked the idea that the challenge I’m facing right now could literally be a blog within itself.

A flaw that I noticed I have is that I overcommit myself to school so much that I don’t make enough time for myself.

Does that make sense?

Yesterday was the day I realized enough is enough. For years, I have allowed myself to stress over school as if it’s the end of the world.

I had officially burnt myself out. I went from having a headache, to becoming irritated, to simply unhappy with myself from allowing stress to takeover me.

How could I allow myself to feel this way? This isn’t practicing self love.

After putting myself in check and realizing that I was losing my mind, I decided to put thirty minutes on a timer just for me to make my world stop. I wasn’t allowing myself to think about anything. I just sat and ignored my phone until time was up.

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By taking this “mental break,” I cleared the clouds in my mind and I was finally able to take action towards my challenges and responsibilities life threw at me.

Before the mental break, I felt like the world was falling on my shoulders but alhamdulillah I got through it and so can you!

This is just one way out of the many ways to clear/calm your mind.

We all go thru times where we question if we can continue. The key is to sometimes just not think about it and just do it because thinking easily leads to overthinking and then stress … WE DON’T NEED STRESS. STRESS KILLS HAPPINESS AND YOU!

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. I refuse to let the obstacles of life affect my passion for blogging. I love to write. I love to express myself through writing. This is apart of my identity.

I owe it to myself and my supporters to be consistent with my blog posts every Sunday! The time it takes for me to create these blogs are not a chore, therefore I will strive to fulfill my duties as a blogger <3.

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