“Materialism Hides Us From Our Blessings”

They often say: If material things is what you’re talking about when you say: “I’m blessed.” You have no idea what a blessing is.

Let that sink in.

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “If only I had one million dollars, my life would be set.”

I know it’s a cliche to say, “money doesn’t buy happiness,” but it is absolutely true! Think about Robin Williams or Anthony Bourdain, they inherited millions and sadly committed suicide. 

This generation has an issue of being so materialistic that it negatively impacts their mindsets and who they choose to surround themselves with. 

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On Instagram, I seen this post that goes along the lines of, “When school starts, if you wear Vans, you’re a bum.”

With everything that is wrong with that post, it doesn’t need to be explained; I hope you can detect the issues of this comment yourself.

To be materialistic is a curse (in my opinion) because it comes to affect your personality and general outlook on life. Being materialistic can prevent you from noticing daily blessings. I’ve witnessed this from personal experience.

I grew up on the East Coast where the brand of clothes  and every pair of shoes both mattered to the people you’d often encounter. How sad is that? The clothes and shoes you can afford had a negative impact on how people judged you before they even met you!

I remember in middle school, some of my peers would complain about not getting the latest Retro Jordan shoes on a Saturday morning because the lines would be too long. Not much has changed.

Nowadays, I often see peers flaunt their possessions throughout the platforms of social media. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off what you have. It’s when you feel the need to put others down because they don’t have what you have is when the issue of materialism erupts.

I see this too often during prom season and it is honestly sickening.

Speaking of social media, pages like @theshaderoom influence materialism upon the minds of this generation by using the popular “Do’s & Don’ts” hashtag. 

This is toxic. This is sad. This makes unaware of our true blessings.

Will we ever be satisfied with life if we keep chasing after the latest trends?

If this generation continues to be this materialistic, we won’t get the pleasure of enjoying all the blessings life comes with.

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You shouldn’t be friends with someone just because they have the latest Jordan’s; you should be friends with someone because you enjoy their personality and they possibly have similarities with you.

The point of the matter is, we shouldn’t be worried about all the things we don’t have.

Whichever lense we decide to look at our world from, will impact how good we feel about ourselves and what we already have.  

I hope by reading this, you’ve realized how blessed you already are. Please remain mindful that everyone’s situation is different.

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