“Check Yourself First”

Have you ever found yourself having the same issues with several people? Why is that happening? Why would several people have the same issue against you? Could it be because you made a poor decision for the issue?

Before you continue reading, think back to a time where you know you could’ve made an issue better, but instead, you chose to remain stuck in your ways.

Whether it’s with your friends, partners, or even family members, we’re always quick to blame someone or something else for our faults … besides ourselves.

We are human. We are prone to mistakes, big and small.

Although we are prone to mistakes, I do believe that there can be a slight remedy to our everyday mistakes: self-evaluation.

Self-evaluation is when you observe, analyze, and value your own action and its results in order to improve it.

How many of us can honestly say that we search for our own mistakes first before we throw the blame elsewhere in a situation?

I’ve always been an overly sensitive female. My reaction to situations that weren’t in my favor would say it all. This made my relationships tense, especially with family. I let my emotions overtake and blind me, this prevented me from noticing my errors within situations.

We always want to think of ourselves as perfect, but the reality is, we aren’t and never will be.

I’m not about to act like I’m perfect. Whenever I’d make mistakes, I’d manage to avoid responsibilities for my actions by either turning the blame to someone else, arguing why it wasn’t my fault, or just by simply avoiding the conversation. With that being said, it’s obvious that getting an apology out of me was nearly impossible :/

Please tell me, who loves to be wrong? Lol exactly. Knowing you’ve made a mistake is a hard pill to swallow.

I’m proud to say I’ve changed my ways in that aspect. Shout out to the hijab because that’s what pushed me to begin checking myself first (hence the title). Being able to tackle my emotions before they could overpower my reactions made pinpointing my faults tremendously easier.

Ask yourself this: What could I have done to make this situation better? This helps for future reference.

Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t always something you can do. Some people choose to remain stuck in their ways and honestly that’s on them.

Here’s the tricky part: are you grown enough to own up to your faults? Self-evaluating your actions is apart of growing up. It’s much easier to blame someone/something else on your mistake rather than owning up to it on your own.

Everyone has the power to improve habits and change for the better. Life is all about growth: physically and mentally. Self-evaluation is apart of maturity and is a need to build and KEEP relationships with others, it’d also make it easier to coexist with people you have no choice but to interact with.

Remember, self-evaluation is not for anyone else but you. You’re the one who will benefit from it, do it for your own sake! Growth sparks opportunities 😉

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