“Hijab Story”

Some of you are unfamiliar with the term, “hijab.”

Today I am going to be referencing the physical “hijab.”

The physical hijab is defined as a veil worn over a Muslim woman’s head while in public or surrounded by men. The purpose of hijab is to guard your beauty and promote modesty.

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While I was lucky enough to be born into Islam, I did not know too much about my religion. I did the basics. I started praying my daily prayers at the age of 5 and reading Quran since I could speak. But, it took me awhile to understand the concept of hijab.

The Muslim women in my family did not wear hijab in public, therefore, I grew up assuming that hijab was not mandatory in Islam. Because of this, I could not ever picture myself wearing a headscarf.

From ages 7 to about 14, I had a low self-esteem and only admired a few features about myself. One of the features I admired MOST about myself was my hair. I would constantly get boatloads of compliments on how beautiful my hair was. It was what made me feel beautiful.

One night came and my perspective on hijab changed entirely. I came across a post on Facebook where it said, “there is no excuse to not wear hijab. Allah made it obligatory for a reason.”

This haunted me.

I kept saying to myself, “if I start wearing hijab, I won’t be pretty anymore.” But then I knew that disobeying Allah would be worse than me not feeling pretty. Having the mindset that tomorrow is not promised, is what guided me towards wearing the hijab.

As soon as my sophomore year of high school started, I automatically noticed the change within my character. I became humble, confident, forgiving, and closer to Allah s.w.t.

Hijab is a symbol of Islam, to be able to wear this symbolic treasure from Allah is a blessing within itself.

With hijab being symbolic to Islam, I knew that my behavior matters more than ever. However I choose to behave, will represent an entire religion to the eyes of some people. This allows me to be tremendously cautious about everything I do!

I will be forever thankful to have had the courage to push myself to wear hijab for the sake of Allah.

P.S. You are even more beautiful with hijab!

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To my Non-Muslim’s:

You may have seen many women in the streets wearing headscarfs. Some may have been Muslim, Christian, or Jewish. Either way, I hope you were able to find some value in this while learning about the hijab.

To my Muslimah’s:

You can do it! Anything that you do for the sake of Allah is worth it! I pray that Allah s.w.t keeps you aligned with your faith. Ameen.

Remember we are a sisterhood and no one should judge ANY Muslim woman who does not wear hijab! It is not our place! I hope by reading my story you can someday in the future wear hijab and feel the empowerment I do from it ❤

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