“Two Keys to Flawless Makeup”

         People often think that makeup is “one and done;” however, makeup requires steps that should not be missed or else, you have ruined your makeup before you’ve even started it. Before applying foundation, one must prepare the skin for all of the products it’s about to take on. General people who know the do’s and don’ts makeup ruling, specifically have a routine that they perform before applying even an inch of foundation. The routine may seem “extra” for people who aren’t too familiar with makeup rules. But, this routine that seems “extra” could make a huge impact on how your makeup appears hours after you’ve done it.

         Applying the primer is one out of the two most critical steps. Without your primer, your full face of makeup will melt regardless of how “light” you have applied it. Primer is meant to prepare your skin for the amount of  several products you’re about to put on your face. My personal primer is Allah. Allah (swt) keeps my life from melting just as primer keeps the makeup from melting. Without Allah, I would lose myself as a person; my character and morals would not be anywhere near similar if I did not have Allah. Because of Allah being my primer, I have the motivation to be kind, respectful, and passionate towards others because of the morals I’ve developed through Islam. Without my primer: Allah, I would not be the Hadiatou I am today just like how flawless makeup would not be at its state without primer.

        The second most critical step in flawless makeup is setting your primer with a powder. Setting your primer with a powder helps secure and lock the product into your face before the oil from the pores take over! The one action that sets my personal primer is prayer. I pray a minimum of five times a day, everyday. While praying, I am reconnecting with my Lord; with my personal primer and my powder, the bond is incredibly strong. The combination of Allah and prayer is what helps me get through life day by day. More specifically, this combination helps me stay in character. Staying in character is what has advocated for me to become distinct amongst my peers through the eyes of others. Staying in character has benefited me in gaining opportunities to stand out to educational program, employers, and most importantly: my community. 

      Primer and setting powder work hand in hand just like how peanut butter goes with jelly; they are meant for one another. Allah and prayer also has a similarity within the comparisons. As a Muslim, my duty is to Allah. The further away I am from him, the more I suffer. The closer I am to him, the better I perform. The closest way to Allah is praying. Metaphorically speaking, the relationship between a primer and setting powder is gradually similar to the relationship between Allah and the prayer rug. 

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Why would I Choose This As my First Blog?

“Two Keys to Flawless Makeup,” is a blog that I believe gives my audience insight to who I am as an individual. I’ve decided to exhibit myself through two of my primary focuses in life that make me, me. I hope by reading this that you somehow found a way to create connections about yourself and understand how extraordinary it is to be who you truly are. We always want someone to bring something new and different to the table; please do not be afraid to be different! #selfdiscovery

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17 thoughts on ““Two Keys to Flawless Makeup”

  1. I absolutely loved reading your blog in connection with the primer & powder! It truly inspires me, because you are learning and living your truth! With Allah but your side anything is possible and I believe that whole heartedly!
    What is the process like for you coming up with your work? I would love to hear your process!

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    1. Thank you so much! That truly means a lot to me. My process is simply to put 20 minutes down on the timer and brainstorm my writing lol. Whenever I get an idea, I write it down in my notes instantly & then it always seems to just grow from there.


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